February 22, 2011

Dearest Ladies,

Dearest Ladies,

...and Gentlemen...

Is this really whats hot right now?
I like to think I'm up on the hottest trends, but I had no idea you chicks were running to get booty injections.
Peep ol' girl in the snake skinned pants...that shit looks so abnormal.
They all do actually. But you know what I consider to be stupider than this...[yes, people seem to be getting dumber by the minute]...Yung LA's tattoo of a duck on is left cheek.

This shit is baffiling. Why are yall so quick to mess up your body with these bullshit ass ways to be consider different? You ladies have no idea how ridiculous you look. We're all just laughing at yall. Gross.
& YungLA...your rap career is either over or has come to a stand still so what are your plans now?
I'm assuming to take your ass to The Trap b/c I have no idea where anyone will even look at your application after seeing that nonsense on you've had tatted on your body.


February 01, 2011

Dearest Friends,

Its time to celebrate our...

Even though I celebrate my hertiage everydamnday, these 28 days gives us the opportunity to educate many of our other friends who may not be as educated on our history, culture & hertiage like they should be.
So, to help you out, I have found 28 inventions that you probably didn't know that our people invented.

  1. Video Home Security System - Marie Brown

  2. Lawn Mower - John A. Burr

  3. Lotions & Soaps - George W. Carver

  4. Shoe - W. A. Detiz

  5. Remote Controllers - Joseph N. Jackson

  6. Pencil Sharpener - John L. Love

  7. Elevator - Alexander Miles

  8. Cellular Phone - Henry Sampson

  9. Rollercoaster - Granville T. Woods

  10. Air Conditioning unit - Fredrick M. Jones

  11. Guitar - Robert F. Flemming, Jr.

  12. Stair climbing wheelchair - Rufus J. Weaver

  13. Disposable Syringe - Phil Brooks

  14. Heating Furnance - Alice H. Parker

  15. Key chain - F.J. Loudin

  16. Toilet - T. Elkins

  17. Helicopter - Paul E. Williams

  18. Tricycle - M. A. Cherry

  19. Sanitary Belt - Beatrice Kenner

  20. Fitted Bedsheets - Bertha Berman

  21. Gun - William D. Polite

  22. Wheel - Brinay Smartt

  23. Cigarette Holder & ashtray - George B. D. Stephens

  24. Denture - Ulysses S Walton

  25. Tapered Golf Tee - George F. Grant

  26. Machine Gunn - Clarence Gregg

  27. Airplane - Herman L. Grimes\

  28. Motor Vehicle - William Hale

"The color of the skin is no way connected with strength of the mind or intellectual powers..."
 Black Inventor, Benjamin Banneker