February 18, 2010

Dearest Friends,

...& unfortunately thats were my ass has been these past few days.
Bare with me. Many More Love Notes coming VERY soon.

Always, Andrina :)

PS: I also have to give EVERYONE of you who's ever stopped by before now & read a love note, left a comment or told a friend, a shout out! My blog spot has had over 10,000 views...thanks to YOU!!!!!!
Thank you for stopping by & showing ya girl some love. I appreciate it more than you know.

February 07, 2010

Dearest Thugs,

Dearest Thugs,

...Gangstas, Hustlas, Bustas...

The other day while spending some time with the family, we came across the biography of Tupac Shakur's stepfather, Mutulu Shakur. I know I might be a little delayed, but I never heard of dude until that moment.
According to Biography.com,

"On October of 1981, members of the Weather Underground, in conjunction with The Black Panthers and members of the RNA, held up a Brinks bank truck. Armed with illegal weapons, including M-16s, they shot and killed a Brinks guard. The incident led to a shootout with police, which ended with the death of two police officers and the wounding of another. Most of the perpetrators escaped, and Mutulu Shakur went into hiding. With the help of underground revolutionaries, Shakur evaded authorities for nearly five years.

Shakur remained No. 1 on the FBI's Most Wanted list until his arrest on February 12, 1986. According to law enforcement agents, Shakur was involved in 12 robberies, held between December 1976 and October 1981. In addition, he was charged with participating in the 1979 prison escape of activist Assata Shakur, who had been indicted on murder charges after a gun battle with police. Assata fled to Cuba, where she continues to live in exile to this day."

During the episode, there was one topic that caught my interest.
'The Code of Thug Life', a list of do's & don'ts of being a righeous thug & banger. Created by both Mutulu, Tupac & other 'OGs' at a "Truce Picnic" held in California [1992].

The Code of Thug Life:

1. All new Jacks to the game must know:
a) He’s going to get rich. b) He’s going to jail. c) He’s going to die.
2. Crew Leaders: You are responsible for legal/financial payment commitments to crew members;
your word must be your bond.
3. One crew’s rat is every crew’s rat.
Rats are now like a disease; sooner or later we all get it; and they should too.
4. Crew leader and posse should select a diplomat, and should work ways to settle disputes.
In unity, there is strength!
5. Car jacking in our Hood is against the Code.
6. Slinging to children is against the Code.
7. Having children slinging is against the Code.
8. No slinging in schools.
9. Since the rat Nicky Barnes opened his mouth; ratting has become accepted by some.
We’re not having it.
10. Snitches is outta here.
11. The Boys in Blue don’t run nothing; we do.
Control the Hood, and make it safe for squares.
12. No slinging to pregnant Sisters.
That’s baby killing; that’s genocide!
13. Know your target, who’s the real enemy.
14. Civilians are not a target and should be spared.
15. Harm to children will not be forgiven.
16. Attacking someone’s home where their family is known to reside, must be altered or checked.
17. Senseless brutality and rape must stop.
18. Our old folks must not be abused.
19. Respect our Sisters. Respect our Brothers.
20. Sisters in the Life must be respected if they respect themselves.
21. Military disputes concerning business areas within the community must be handled professionally and not on the block.
22. No shooting at parties.
23. Concerts and parties are neutral territories; no shooting!
24. Know the Code; it’s for everyone.
25. Be a real ruff neck. Be down with the code of the Thug Life.
 26. Protect yourself at all times..             

February 05, 2010

Dearest Friends,

Dearest Friends,

"I'm with your girl. She do it all just to please me & nah, she don't forget my babies...Weezy..." -ELZ

You hear the track on autoplay right? Go ahead. Turn your speakers up some more.

Take a minute & listen to the intro...get familiar with the Umbrella Gang's definition of "TACKY".

"Different color girl. Different color jewel. My car don't match my chain. My girl don't match my shoes. This is how we do. Red & Yellow, Blue. I'm fresh in purple too, cause I'm Tacky..."

Another party anthem brought to you by one of my favorite producers, HeadRoc & two of the most talented unsigned artists... TRIMM & ELZ.

Want a copy of this song to add to your ipod? Click HERE to download/share with friends.

February 04, 2010

Dearest Fantasia,

Dearest Fantasia,

I just love you.

I voted for you to be America's Idol & have been riding with you ever since.
Your 1st CD...CLASSIC, if I can say so myself.

Anyways, I while browsing the web, today, I saw this video of you on Oprah & you performed "Even Angels". You did FABULOUS & the song is beautiful as well.

Dearest Friends,

Dearest Friends,

This blogspot is ran by a lover of hip hop music [amongst other things].
Under NO circumstances do I associate with bullsh*t music.
SooOoo, why would I promote something I don't fuQ with?
I would never subject my friends to such things.
In saying that...

The above track, "Tour Bus", is off the GREEDMONT PARK Playground: Compilation Vol I. EP.

"GREEDMOND PARK Playground...is mixed by DJ Fu. this is a representation of the hip-hop scene in Atlanta. After dropping a series of videos and leaks we left the internet buzzing.  Here’s some unreleased tracks from Donnis, Jay West, Jason Caesar, Hollyweerd, Sean Falyon, TRIMM, Mums FP, The Canz, and many more…

February 01, 2010

Dearest LiL Kim,

Dearest LiL Kim,

...aka Ms. Kimberly D. Jones or my favorite, "Queen Bitch. Supreme Bitch..."

While I was visiting one of my favorite websites, NecoleBitchie.com, she had "vintage" photos of you that were sent to her via email with the below message attached.

"These are some rare photos from a photoshoot by Mo Daoud. They weren’t released. Lil’ Kim is the best and the rest followed her. Even Nicki Minaj wants to be a blonde now.
I would really appreciate if you could show everyone the beauty of Vintage Kim". -Frank

I love them! I love seeing pictures of people in their natural environment.
You are so GORGEOUS, Kim & like Frank said, you are the best, honey.
I have been riding with you since the first time I heard your voice & you have NO idea how bad I/the world is fiending for more "vintage" Kim.

PS: To see more exclusive pictures check out NecoleBitchie.com.

Dearest Friends,

Dearest Friends,

Its time to celebrate our...

Even though I celebrate my hertiage everydamnday, these 28 days gives us the opportunity to educate many of our other friends who may not as educated on our history, culture & hertiage like they should be.
So, to help you out, I have found 28 inventions that you probably didn't know that our people invented.

  1. Video Home Security System - Marie Brown

  2. Lawn Mower - John A. Burr

  3. Lotions & Soaps - George W. Carver

  4. Shoe - W. A. Detiz

  5. Remote Controllers - Joseph N. Jackson

  6. Pencil Sharpener - John L. Love

  7. Elevator - Alexander Miles

  8. Cellular Phone - Henry Sampson

  9. Rollercoaster - Granville T. Woods

  10. Air Conditioning unit - Fredrick M. Jones

  11. Guitar - Robert F. Flemming, Jr.

  12. Stair climbing wheelchair - Rufus J. Weaver

  13. Disposable Syringe - Phil Brooks

  14. Heating Furnance - Alice H. Parker

  15. Key chain - F.J. Loudin

  16. Toilet - T. Elkins

  17. Helicopter - Paul E. Williams

  18. Tricycle - M. A. Cherry

  19. Sanitary Belt - Beatrice Kenner

  20. Fitted Bedsheets - Bertha Berman

  21. Gun - William D. Polite

  22. Wheel - Brinay Smartt

  23. Cigarette Holder & ashtray - George B. D. Stephens

  24. Denture - Ulysses S Walton

  25. Tapered Golf Tee - George F. Grant

  26. Machine Gunn - Clarence Gregg

  27. Airplane - Herman L. Grimes\

  28. Motor Vehicle - William Hale

"The color of the skin is no way connected with strength of the mind or intellectual powers..."
 Black Inventor, Benjamin Banneker

Dearest Grammys,

Dearest Grammys,

Like the rest of the world, I have to give my 2 cents on last nights show...

Unlike a lot of people on Earth, I was at still at work at 8 o'clock, but walked in the door in time to catch Pink's BEAUTIFUL performance. I literally stood in front of the TV watching her twist & twirl until the final applaud.

Like many of Pink's longtime fans, I think she is definitely one of the most underrated Pop Chicks in the game. Homegirl is so talented.

I also witnessed Beyonce's acceptance speech for one of her 6 awards, "Best Female Vocals" for 'Halo'.
[where she shouted out her husband might I add...You know I thought it was so adorable..=) ]
All I have to say is If Beyonce is not THEE shit!, then who is!?!

She has come so damn far, how can you not be proud of her?

As usual, Mr. Jamie Foxx was able to make all of us crack the hell up during his performance. Damn, I'm proud of Jamie too. He's a helluva actor who performing 'Blame It' at The GRAMMYs...smh. If he ain't the shit, who is? I do have one comment though...Jamie kiiinnndddaaa seems like a....DrakeGroupie. Yes, I said it...Did you peep him recording with the camera phone? [sigh].

LoL. "I apologize about the auto-tune, Jay-Z."

And now, the final performance of the night, which I stayed tuned for only because I wanted to see one of my favorite emcees, Eminem, who blessed us with 2 verses!

Shout out to Drake who has had a Grammy performance before his album has even dropped. I really hope homie lives up to the hype.