September 29, 2009

Dearest Queens,

Dearest Queens,

I am really excited about The Queen Project formed by 3 Grammy winning artists.

& if there's anyone who LOVED R&B like I did back in the day,
they will be joyous about this occassion as well.
I, honestly, haven't been this excited about R&B music in a lloonnngggg time.
I am/have always been a HUGE fan of all 3 of yours & I'm really excited
to see 3 ladies, with some of the most distinctive/beautiful voices in the indsutry, hook up to bless us with MUSIC.

Deborah Cox, I remember KILLING the One Wish album.
As I listen to it while typing this love note,
it brings back so many memories...reminds me of when I could listen
to an R&B CD & play the whole album back to back/word for word.

Kelly Price, I remember first hearing your voice on the "Mo Money, Mo Problems" joint & I think that was one of the main reasons that one particular song was MY SH*T!
Then, Mirror Mirror dropped.
OMG!! If that album wasn't constantly in my CD player!
I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED that album. From top to bottom. Classic.

& Tamia. I remember when I first heard your voice.
It was on 'Slow Jams' , ft. Babyface, & after loving the 'Imagination' video, I was a fan.

& now all three of you Ladies are together to form The Queen Project.
When I heard this I was so excited that I just FF'd through the interview
to get straight to the snippet of you all's first single, 'Queen'.

[FF to 6:42]

I really like this joint. I can't wait to hear it in its entirety.

September 28, 2009

Dearest We Are Heroes,

Dearest We Are Heroes,


You Ladies KILLED it the WHOLE season.
I must admit, I slept on you all in the beginning
but as the season went on I fell in love with you & your passion.
Last Year, I was so mad at ABDC's Season 3 voters b/c I felt like "Beat Freakz" was the BEST...remember this performance?

But, I'm happy again since you diverse group of ladies took that golden trophey home and are now labeled as America's Best Dance Crew.
One of my favorite performances this season was the "Stanky Leg" performance.

I have to say, for the record, that was/will be the only time I like anything that has to do w/ the Stanky Leg.

September 27, 2009

Dearest Lil Wayne,

Dearest Lil Wayne,

AkA Weezy F. Please Say the Baby...


Once upon a time, I was a HUGE fan of your music.
But once you started speaking Martian, everything started to sound
the same & possess no substance.
Besides the "BlingBling" & "Drop it Like it's Hot" joints.
I never really paid any attention to you until I heard...


They quickly became two of my most favorite joints off The Carter.

After that, Carter II dropped...In my book. CLASSIC.
I brought that CD 2x b/c I played the 1st one OUT!
[That's the CD that should have went platinum in one week.]
From the Intro to "Money on my Mind", "Best Rapper Alive", "Hustler Music" & many more...the CD went HARD

I must say...after all the mixtapes & features, I kinda couldnt keep up.
But, despite all that, millions of people love you.
Speaking of which, while driving to work today...
I heard you on a remix one of my favorite joints right now,
[caution: this is not a hip hop track.
This song makes you feel good/sway side to side]

Shout out to Derick G. for the exclusive birthday pics.

Weezy w/ the Million Dollar watch. Gift from Baby.

Diamonds on the Cake.

& Baby w/ Weezy's Bday Tatt'd on his arm [sigh]

PS: FAVORITE LiL Wayne quote,
"I don't care if its Heroine in my cup. Its MY CUP. Fu*k you."

September 23, 2009

Dearest LiL Boosie Bad Azz,

Dearest LiL Boosie Bad Azz,

Damn, Homie...

2 years in prison?!!
I can't believe it. According to,
"Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz, will debut in the top 10 on next week's Billboard albums chart."

A few years ago, a homie of mine [shout out to Keishana] invited me to hang out.
I wish I remembered the name of the club, but I remembered arriving & just waiting for a long ass time.
Next thing I know we go into a small room on the side of the stage w/ a bunch
of chicks/dudes & in walks LiL Boosie.
After a few pictures with the groupies the whole room moved to the stage.
As we stood towards the back of the stage there was this one song that came on...

& thats when I realized who you were.
Although, I'm not a big fan, Ive enjoyed a couple of your singles.
My favorite being, "Wipe Me Down" of course.

After a few shots of Patron + this song = My Sh*t!
I loved your verse...the flow was crazy.
Despite, your unfortunate lock down,
I will keep your music in rotation on my ipod.
Soon as I get an address where people can write you, I will post it.

Dearest T.R.I.M.M.,

Dearest T.R.I.M.M.,



I can't believe it. You're getting so old ;).
I'm SOOOOooOOO Proud of you.
I remember the 1st time I heard you rap.

It had to be 2003...
We went over to one of your home boys studios &
as I sat on the couch waiting to hear you spit some wack sh*t...
But, you actually surprised me.

I remember the line you spit that made me nodd my head like,
"this little nigga has a gift".
I listened to that CD you gave me until it wouldn't play anymore.
& from that day on, I have been your BIGGEST fan.

I have always believed that God blessed certain people w/ a gift...
& I believe rapping is yours. I can't wait until the WORLD hears your voice,
your music, your words...
For example, one of my favorites...

"Flow of the Year/I'm demanding my respect/
I'm on em like hickey's, Dog/I'm coming at they necks.
My flow aint conscious like Common/I expect/
But the real niggas relate/& compliment my raps

Below are a few of my favorites from the EP Evolution of the Machine.

You Like? Click Here to download.

September 21, 2009

Dearest Affion Crockett,

Dearest Affion Crockett,

You are HELLA funny to me...

I have been laughing at you ever since you appeared on
Wildin' Out a while back.
The people you choose to hit em dead on.
Its crazy. Reminds me of whats his name...?!
um..., its on the tip of my tongue...
dude who does impressions from Mad TV...Aries Spears.

I love your spoofs though. I remember the 1st one I saw, "Mr. Carter"...

I LOVED IT! That's exactly how I view "Weezy F. Baby" too. LoL.
Anyways, a few minutes ago, I ran across the "Run this Town" spoof & couldnt stop laughing.

"I wanna be where you arrrreeee"....HAHAHAHAHAH!
LMAO! I could of DIED when you did Kanye. [Check 2:42]. LMAO!!

September 20, 2009

Dearest Bryan J.,

Dearest Bryan J.,

Let me introduce myself...

I am your newest fan.
I've been hearing your name floating around lately & had to check you out.
And of course, I had to start w/ YouTube.
The 1st video I ran across was you performing/rapping/singing to
"Love in this Club"...all while driving. [Click Here].

But of course, my search didn't stop there. I had to see if there were any original songs by you & I ran across, "I Don't Love Her That Way".

I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. this joint.
Even though the posted date was 2 yrs ago, its jamming.
Maybe its the concept of the song, your voice, the flow...
whatever it is, I want to add this sh*t to my ipizzy immediately! Link?

You also recently hooked up w/ ATL's I am Travis Porter & did a catchy tribute to all the "Bad Bitches" titled "Uhh Huhh".

You can sing homie.
I can't wait to see what you,Tricky Stewart & RedZone do.

September 18, 2009

Dearest Lady Gaga,

Dearest Lady Gaga,

I know you aren't Hip Hop...

But you're GREAT & deserve a Love Note, nonetheless.
An example of why you're so great would be the performance you gave at the '09 MTV Video Music Awards. ==> I L.O.V.E.D. it! <==

Even though I liked "Poker Face" & "Just Dance",
I have been SLEEPINGzZZ on "Paparazzi" & that performance has made it my FAVORITE song [right now].

"Im your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me.
Baby, theres no other superstar.
You know that I'll be your PaPaPaparazzi
...Baby you'll be famous.
Chase you down till you love me.

I guess I need to stop tripping & go ahead & pick up "FAME", huh?

September 17, 2009

Dearest Music Lovers,

Dearest Music Lovers,

I've got another one!

For your listening pleasure,
I have jacked another track off the highly anticipated EP,


"My City"
[ft. Crook Brown & A Leon Craft]

Go ahead & download the track.

"...Raw & Uncut, Im Doper than these niggas..."

PS: TRIMM will performing Friday, Oct. 2nd during the A3C Hip Hop Fest..
Going down at ATL's The 5 Spot [in L5P] Oct. 1st-3rd.

[Click to see all acts]

Dearest Lil Mama,

Dearest Lil Mama,

...aka Niatia Jessica Kirkland

I bing'd your image & up popped hella pictures w/ you & that damn pacifier, in fitteds/hoodies & standing in the BBoy Stand, but amidst all the madness, the above photo popped out at me.
"That can't be LiL Mama", I thought to myself as I clicked to enlarge the image.
Where's the bedazzle? Weird Outfits? Ponytail?
But I must say, I've never seen this side of you before.
Very Nice.

However, what wasn't very nice, was Sunday's appearance you made along Jay-Z & Alicia Keys on the infamous MTV Video Music Awards.
I had to rewind & watch you appear on stage 2 times before I wrote this love note because I just couldn't believe it.

I can understand getting out of your seat & maybe walking towards the front of the stage, but to step onto the each step & proceed towards the front of the stage during a performance was....ridiculous.
Did you black out?

But the incident happened about 3 days ago & people are still commenting.
After hearing your response,

'Empire State of Mind'
had my emotions running high.
In that moment I came up onstage to
celebrate my two icons singing about NY."

I laughed out loud when Alicia Keys responded on the "Today Show" by saying,
"We can appreciate her being overwhelmed and inspired,
but we would have appreciated it
if she would have did it from her seat."

Reminds me of a little song...

LoL at me.


September 15, 2009

Dearest Tupac Shakur,

Dearest Tupac Shakur,

Thirteen years? Really?!!

I remember exactly where I was when I heard about your unfortunate demise.
It was 1996. I had just moved to the Bay Area, from southern Florida, a few months prior.
It was a warm day & i was walking home from the local 7-11 when my homie,
who was riding by w/ her Dad, hopped out the family van & said,
"Did you hear? Tupac's Dead".
I stopped dead in my tracks. "NooOoo"! I exclaimed.

My heart hurt for the lost of such a gifted & intelligent individual.
But, you & your talent has paved the way for many who think they have a talent.
You were a sexy gangsta & we ladies loved you.
Dudes tried hard to imitate you.

Still 13 years laters, I love you like I did since the 1st time I heard your music.

September 12, 2009

Dearest Michael Jordan,

Dearest Michael Jordan,

"Don't be in a rush to find the next Michael Jordan,"

"Theres not going to be another Michael Jordan."

You said, during your speech at your induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame [c/o '09] & I think that's the damn truth.

You are a 6x NBA Champion, 5x MVP, 14x NBA ALLSTAR
who has scored over 32,290 points.
I know dudes everywhere who wanted to dunk like Mike.
Who wanted to jump like Mike.
Who just wanted to be like Mike. Remember?

& now this just gives them an even bigger reason to be like Mike.
Congratulations on your induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
You Deserve it.

September 08, 2009

Dearest Music Lovers,

Dearest Music Lovers,

Its going down NEXT Wednesday at Utopia [in ATLANTA] on 9.16.09.

For your listening pleasure T.R.I.M.M. will be performing LIVE!!
You see the YouTube vids on the right.
You see the previous love notes.
Now its time to see him perform NEW MUSIC from the upcoming EP,

==> 'TRIMM meets SMKA'. <==

I got a link to a leaked track, "Instant Replay", TRIMM ft. JBeanz & ELz.

<a href="">Instant Replay ft. J.Beans &amp; Elz by SMKA</a>

Tell a friend to tell a friend.

Dearest Trey Songz,

Dearest Trey Songz,

This has to be an uncomfortable embarrassment... least to me it would be.
But 1st, I want to thank you for demonstrating how to
"filet mignon that pussy", I never really understood what Wayne meant by that line.

[check out DJ Clue in the bkgd. HA!]

I'm a visual learner [& sometimes Im a little slow], so that helped a little. ;)
The incident that made me giggle was your mom's reaction to this.
She went from smiling and being proud of her son...

"OMG I can't believe he just 'rolled his tongue'".

[Shout out for the video. FF to 1:12. HA!]

September 04, 2009

Dearest Beyonce,

Dearest Beyonce,


This is just a love note celebrating one of my Favorite Bitches Birthday.
You are doing your thing, homegirl & I am so proud.
[Like I know you personally or something, huh?]

I remember when I 1st saw Destiny's Child "NoNoNo" on CaliforniaMusicChannel during my 8th grade year.
I recorded the video & watched it over & over
[even learned the dance routine ;)]. The next day, I remember asking all my wack ass friends had they heard the new joint & of course, they hadnt...

But a few weeks later, all the chicks were walking around waving their fingers in the air singing,
"You be saying NoNoNoNoNo, when its really YesYesYesYesYes" to all the lonely looking dudes.
I also decided to take a trip down memory lane & throw in one of my favorite joints from "Dangerously in Love".

Sending you best wishes, many laughes & good times on your birthday. XoXo.

September 02, 2009

Dearest Lloyd,

Dearest Lloyd,


FAN ADDICT...EVER!! [I had to visit b/c I hate the word "Fan".]
&& ever since the 1st time I met you, heard "Hey Young Girl" & listened to your 1st've been one of my top favorite 'R&B Thugs'. Right after R. Kelly.

But anywho, the other night, while on twitter, you posted a tweet stating you were no longer w/ The wack ass Inc. [<===my words] along w/ this statement ...& I think its about damn time! FINALLY!
Hopefully, this will give you the opportunity to become a much Bigger artist.
According to the statement, "Pusha" is your newest single...

& I really like this joint which means it will be uploaded to the ipizzy soon as I find a link ;).

PS: I still LOVE this song TTTTHHHIIIISSSSSS much!

...Lets dip up out of here.

September 01, 2009

Dearest J. Cole,

Dearest J. Cole,

aka the self proclaimed,"Light Skinned Jesus"...

...or "Simba"...

I heard your name a few months ago with the description as the first signee to
Jay-Z's Roc Nation label & had to check you out.
I liked you, but wasnt that interested until today...
when I came across a Blue Print 3 leak, "A Star is Born".

After hearing this joint, I immediately went to your website to download your new mixtape, "The Warm Up"...
[available for free download on right] ==>

& grabbed one of the songs I like..."Lights Please"

I think Im a fan. I'll let you know once I give "The Warm Up" a try.

PS: I love the interview you did w/ I feel you on the "Friends w/ Jay" issue...

Dearest J. Holiday's Groupie,

Dearest J. Holiday's Groupie,

I guess it is true...

..."Groupies love the CoQ" & you made that clear as hell on stage.

Now, when the clip 1st emerges, its LOOKS like you were coming out of a flip into a split [SMH] & the bodyguard started fanning you as you did your Americas Next Top Model strut across the stage.
Then next thing you did a little gyrating, lifted the leg & gripped onto J. Holiday like an jockey grips his horse at the Kentucky Derby.

I must also commend you on how you were still able to "make it vibrate", while the security was pulling you off, to the "To do (d-do-d-do-do-d-do-d-do-do-d-do-d-do) it to you" part.
"Go On Girl!"

Anywho, I love J. Holiday & "Its Yours" is a nice joint, so I guess I can understand some of the recklessness involved in this act... ;) If you not a fan, or have been sleeping, you better get w/ it bitches.
Heres one of my favorite joints, "Fallin".