December 29, 2009

Dearest Friends,

Dearest Friends,

Please excuse my brief hiatus.
Writing these love notes don't pay the bills, so Ive been working my ass off these past few weeks.

I hope your Christmas was filled with laughter, good memories & love because mine was.

& I hope your New Year is filled with the same plus good health & Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money!

Now onto my Love Notes to Hip Hop [& the rest of the world]...

Dearest DJ Earworm,

Dearest DJ Earworm,

I was on your website & came across your "Blame it on the Pop" mashup...

of 2009's Top 25 Pop Songs, according to Billboard Magazine.
Although this is a Hip Hop inspired blogspot, I LOVE all types of music & fell in love with many of these songs this past year. I love the mash up. Fabolous job.

Top 25 Pop Songs of 2009:
•The Black Eyed Peas - BOOM BOOM POW
•Lady Gaga - POKER FACE
•Lady Gaga Featuring Colby O’Donis - JUST DANCE
•The Black Eyed Peas - I GOTTA FEELING
•Taylor Swift - LOVE STORY
•Jason Mraz - I’M YOURS
•Kanye West - HEARTLESS
•The All-American Rejects - GIVES YOU HELL
•Taylor Swift - YOU BELONG WITH ME
•T.I. Featuring Justin Timberlake - DEAD AND GONE
•The Fray - YOU FOUND ME
•Kings Of Leon - USE SOMEBODY
•Keri Hilson Featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo - KNOCK YOU DOWN
•Jamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain - BLAME IT
•T.I. Featuring Rihanna - LIVE YOUR LIFE
•Soulja Boy Tell ‘em Featuring Sammie - KISS ME THRU THE PHONE
•Jay Sean Featuring Lil Wayne - DOWN
•Miley Cyrus - THE CLIMB
•Beyonce - HALO
•Katy Perry - HOT N COLD

 You can download the mashup here ==> United State of Pop 2009 <==

PS: Do you remember some of 2008's biggest Pop Songs? I give you United State of Pop 2008...

Dearest Bad Girls,

Dearest Bad Girls,

...Portia & Natalie.

I usually don't write love notes to reality tv castmembers,
but this had to be addressed & replayed.
I have been a fan of the Bad Girls Club since the first season & I have yet to see a fight like this...on ANY reality show.

Since season 4 of BGC aired, Natalie, you have been getting on my last nerves. When Kendra didn't knock your ass out, I knew it'd only be a matter of time before someone pounded your face in & I am oh so grateful it was Portia.

Even though I do not condone violence, I HATE disrespect & Natalie, you deserved to get drug. Period. Since the reel started rolling you have been going on & on about superficial shit.
LMAO. Karma is a beeeyyyoootttccchhhh.

Dearest Brittany Murphy,

Dearest Brittany Murphy,

Rest In Peace Brittany Murphy
Nov. 1977 - Dec. 2009

"2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine.
My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany's family, her husband, &
her amazing mother Sharon.
See you on the other side kid."
-Ashton Kutcher [via Twitter]

My mouth dropped when I got home from a long day at work,
clicked on twitter & found out about your untimely death.
I am such a huge fan of your work.
One of my favorite movies, Clueless. "Rollin w/ the homies..."

PS: I found this site which has a lot of cool photos you took.

December 16, 2009

Dearest Lloyd,

Dearest Lloyd,

"...i get high off your supply..."

"[Monday, Dec. 14th]  Lloyd release[d] his first “post Murder Inc.” project, a FREE 8-song EP titled, Like Me: The Young Goldie EP available for download ... An impressive lineup of artist and producers were assembled to complete the project, including Lil Wayne, Drake, Bun-B, The Runners, Cool & Dre, Nicki Minaj, J. Holiday, and others. The lead single “Pusha” with Lil Wayne is quickly spreading across the country." - []

"Like Me" [ft. Bun B] - OOOO
"Pusha" - OOOO
"Take it Off" - [ft. J. Holiday & Nicki Minaj] OOOO
"What You Want" [ft. Mack Maine] - OOOO
"Think of Me" - OOO
"Everyday" [ft. Richboy] - OOO
"Pro in the Game" - OOO
"A Night Off" [ft Drake] - OOOOO

"Of the EP, Lloyd says, “Some of the songs are personal to me. I’m speaking about life experiences, and taking it back to the beginning.” He went on to say, “We wanted to show people things that they’ve never seen or heard from me before... from the music to the artwork.” -[]

December 14, 2009

Dearest Atlanta,

Dearest Atlanta,

...AkA "Home of the Haters"...

...Given to you by my favorite radio personality, [V-103s] Ryan Cameron.
I was listening to the radio today & what Ryan was saying is EXACTLY how Ive felt my whole seven plus years living in/all around the city of Atlanta.

Ryan explained this nickname by starting out with how Jermaine Dupri & Johnta Austin, both who reside here in the city of Atlanta, did some research and found out [Mariah Carey's] "We Belong Together" is the #1 single, in the last DECADE, with more radio plays than any other song.
[Side Note: JD & Johnta both contributed to the writing of the song]
I think JD & em were at an event & made the announcement.
Ryan said all you heard was "crickets". No one applauded, cheered, nothing.
That's a damn shame, but I'm not surprised.

I attend a lot of "underground" events in the city of Atlanta & it's ridiculous how people don't even CLAP for an individual b/c of the... hatred.
Like Ryan said, there's no extra charge on the ticket for applauding, especially if YOU aren't doing ANYTHING & these individuals are.
Support them. Damn. All you have to do is clap, maybe even yell if you feeling it.

My Motto: "You have to give love in order to get love"
& if you don't support someone, who the hell is going to support you?

That is all.

PS: Since Ive written this love note someone tweeted Gucci's album sales, [80something thousand] & followed with "My city [ATL] will blow you up, but won't support you...".
Its so obvious, Atlanta.

December 11, 2009

Dearest Lil Duval *updated*,

Dearest Lil Duval,

I haven't been in the Christmas spirit until.....

I saw your HILIARIOUS rendition of "This Christmas".
I didn't know what to expect, but soon as the camera moved from the fireplace to you, I started cracking up.
The Tropicana juice, for one, is HILIARIOUS & that sweater....smh...
Who the hell did you borrow that from? Its hideous.

"Shake a Hand. Shake a Hand Now.." HaHaHa!

PS: I loved the R. Kelly Interview you did a while back for your Nigga Please series.

PPS: I found out who let you borrow that sweater...ROFLMAO.

December 10, 2009

Dearest Muffy,

Dearest Muffy,


A visual to one of my FAVORITE underground songs.
Ever since I have been introduced to ATL's underground music scene,
which has been some YEARS now, I have been a fan of yours.
I love your style, individuality & creativeness.
I tried a while back to introduce you to these bitches, but this time, I think you may have caught they're attention.

"SWEET" is one of the DOPEST songs to me.
[Makes me feel like THEE shit ;)]
The Beat [shout out to BATTERY 5! <== Get Familiar Please.],
the Lyrics...I just LOVE it. There has been many replays of this joint in my ride & now the world gets more of a reason to love it as much as I do.

"...Oh My Kitty, Keep her pretty, so he always visits her...
Scratch his back, he like that, reach into his duffle bag 
hand his kitty kat a stack...
There he goes I'm in love with his money
& he knows so he gives me all his honey...."

A few minutes before I wrote this love note, I stopped by Dimewars & saw something that
kiinnndddaaa irritated me. It was the caption under your video which read,
"Oh Look! A NICKI MINAJ CLONE from ATL!!" & the reason it irritated me...? Because I'm not a fan of Ms. Minaj & these what these hoes fail to realize is that...YOU BEEN HERE!
Don't want to get too emotional, so I'm going to end here.

PS: Ladies [& ALL Gucci Fans], Go ahead & check out Muffy's "Get Em Girls".

I REALLY like this song. Go On Girl!

Become a fan: &

December 08, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me


& who better than to sing the BDay song to me, than Mrs. B herself...

The Lord has blessed me to see 27 years & I am so thankful.
Life is shorter than you think.
Enjoy it to the fullest. With no regrets.
Live. Laugh. Love.

-Andrina =)

PS: Even though I'm only 27, I feel like Garfield...LoL.

Dearest Pleasure P,

Dearest Pleasure P,

...this is a "I Love Hip Hop, but sometimes..." moment.

Usually, I don't write love notes based on a celebritie's business &/or their personal  issues, but since I have been a HUGE fan of yours since I first heard your voice, to hear this kind rumor is dishearting.
I read something about it a few days ago...& ignored it.
But, today, I ran across this video & it kinda hurts my heart.
If you don't ever tell your better believe there's someone out there who will.

Buuutttt, A Child Molester? WoooOoooW.
This reminds me of when I heard about that R. Kelly situation...
I couldn't listen to his music for a lllooonnnggg time b/c I kept thinking each song was dedicated to the little girl[s].
I don't know what kind of advice one can give to another in a situation like this, other than, "Keep ya head up"....I guess.

Despite all this, I had to revisit one of my favorite songs w/ you:
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number when you were w/ Pretty Ricky.
[I just love your voice in this song].

PS: Congratulations on your not 1, not 2, but 3 Grammy nominations. That shit is MAJOR!