July 31, 2009

Dearest Eminem,

Dearest Eminem,

Slim Shady, is that you?

You "B-Rabbited" her ass...LMAO...I wasn't expecting this.
I didn't even think you'd take a minute out of your life to respond
to Nick Cannon's blog, [Check my love note Dearest Nick Cannon] But since you did, I realize this is the EM i love/miss.
The angry, upset, ready to throw a b*tch in a trunk when neccessary attitude is
what I love when you rhyme.

Apparently, Mariah nor Nick know that "this is what you do"
& After hearing this, I must say, I believe YOUR ass...[I'm nosy...pictures?]
Also, I love the Mariah Adlibs/Vocals at the end--Classic!

Speaking of CLASSICs...heres a joint ft. one of my fav. Em verses.

July 29, 2009

Dearest Fabolous,

Dearest Fabolous,


& this isn't some new sh*t either.
I have been a lover of your lines/flow since...
the dada-dadadada-damn days & every song/album since then.
Your flow is crazy & the sh*t you say catches me off guard &
reminds me why you're one of the most slept on [lyrical] rappers...
[in my opinion].
Below is one of my joints off of 'Loso's Way' featuring "Miss Keri Baby".

"We in this bitch like an unborn baby" -HA!-

& although I've had this CD since Tuesday, I haven't listened to every song yet b/c I just cant get pass this one...it go SO HARD!!! [-ugh!-]

& now a CLASSIC Throwback...

July 27, 2009

Dearest Mary J. Blige,

Dearest Mary J. Blige,

You've got another one!

Even though you don't need this autotune thingy,
I like this joint. The One ft. Drake.
If this don't make you feel like "THEE SH*T" then what does?!

Of course, I have been a fan of yours since "What's the 411",
EVERY CD Ive owned & loved since then.
I have watched you and your music grow & I've grown w/ you.
Thank you for continously blessing us w/ R&B that touches people emotionally & personally.

& for always having the FLYEST hairstyles! =)

July 22, 2009

Dearest Chris Brown,

Dearest Chris Brown,

I still love your ass.

I don't know you personally. I'm only a fan of your music.
And although I don't condone "The Beating",
I do think the apology you sent out to the World is enough.

Everyone is so quick to judge & write you off,
but everything that happened, even being Forgiven,
is between you & God.
The rest of these hoes are irrelevant.

I just want to hear some good music.
You're a young man...hopefully you'll make better decisions in the future.

PS: i would post a video, but this is via iPhone.

July 14, 2009

Dearest T.I.,

Dearest T.I.,

How could we forget?

You are one of my favorite artists -[ever]- so forgetting is NOT an option.

-[Side Note]-:
I remember the 1st CD I ever brought after moving to ATL in '02,
was PSC: In the Streets 3 mixtape.
I asked dude what was hot & he handed me that CD.
I looked on the back & saw one familiar name beside the track listing,
Foxy Brown. Who I fu*ked with hard, at the time, so I copped the CD.
& from the time I played "In the Trap", I was a FAN/SUPPORTER/BELIEVER/GROUPIE/Whatever you want to call me...

I have met you 3x, partied in VIP w/ you once & won tickets [3rd row from stage] to the "Jay-Z & Friends" from you on the radio by rapping "Bring Em Out".

One of my fav pictures EVER...

I am also LOVING Mary's hair in this video...GORGEOUS!

PS: Write T.I. in Jail!
Clifford Harris
RN# 59458-019 FCI
Forrest City Low Federal Correctional Institution
P.O Box 9000 Forrest City, AR 72336

Dearest Rah Digga,

Dearest Rah Digga,

You back?!

I am down for ANY & ALL of my fav. female rappers coming back.
I think the ladies will be the ones to "resurrect" Hip Hop from its alleged death,
so that we can 'Party & Bullshit' like we use to.

Today, I was visiting WSHH.com & came across what looks like a recent interview.
I watched the entire 14 minutes & learned a lot about how you were pregnant when you got signed, your relationship w/ Busta & the your opinion on the current state of hip hop.

Just like I told Eve, a few days ago...
Please find a beat & bless us w/ another track.

PS: "IMPERIAL" was my SHIT!!!
This was my anthem. The beat was crazy.
I think I blew my factory speakers out blasting this. Classic.

July 10, 2009

Dearest Trey Songz,

Dearest Trey Songz,

Im a fan again...!

I'm just saying...you fell off for a minute.
I absolutely LOVE[D] the whole 'Gotta Make It' album,
but I wasn't a fan big of "Wonder Woman",
so 'Trey Day'never made it to my iPod.

But in the meantime in btwn time...you did have a couple of features
that I have really liked. [i.e., 'The Baddest' & 'Successful']
After some delay, I decided to download 'Anticipation'
...and I must say, I really like it.

My personal favorites are:

Welcome Back...;)

PS: To download the mixtape click link on right side of page.

July 09, 2009

Dearest Aaliyah,

Dearest Aaliyah,

I swear-to this day-I have a crush on you ;)

You are just GORGEOUS!
I remember having an Aaliyah Calender & I would just stare at
the pictures b/c I thought you were just so pretty...
[your hair, clothes, makeup was baddddd.]

I LOVED your music, too...
I remember me & my homie, Charmaine, did a dance "tribute"
to you w/ our own Aaliyah mix...
[i cant remember every song right this minute].

So, I decided to look up a couple of my fav videos w/ some dance moves
I killed myself trying to learn...

Dearest Eve,

Dearest Eve,

Where the Hell are you?!

I was on twitter and @BimboWinehouse was listening to
"What Yall Niggaz Want" & it just made me think
of my sophomore year ['99] & all the memories I had speeding
down the streets in my '93 Acura Vigor [stick] w/ "My Enemies" on repeat...=)

You wasnt raunchy like Kim or Trina, but you held it down for us ladies.
So, please, on behalf of all the chicks, PLEASE find a beat & bless us w/
at least one more track.

July 08, 2009

Dearest T.R.I.M.M.,

Dearest T.R.I.M.M.,


...in this rapping shit".

I have written a love note to you before
[& I'm going to keep writing them until EVERYONE on this side of Earth
has heard & know every word to your music.]
B/C I think you are a talented individual & you deserve for
the world to hear your gift.

PLUS, I haven't been this excited about anyone since, 2002, when I purchased T.I.'s "I'm Serious".
[after copping the PSC: In the Streets III & falling in love w/ "DopeBoyFresh".]

Anywho, I decided this time, I'd post a live performance b/c it shows the
people that you know how to put on a show & entertain...

Includes: "Brand New" & "Sound Off" ---
Two of my favorite songs...

Want More T.R.I.M.M.? Check out Myspace.com/TRIMUMB

Dearest Loser,

Dearest Loser,


I mean damn, can I have my creativity back?
I am so sick of you MUNDANE bastards stealing my idea.
Everytime I turn around...someone has an idea of mine on their
wack ass blog.

I am a little flattered though.
But despite the fact, THIS time, I will not call names/name blogsites...
but the next time I see 1 "Dear ______", I'm sending viruses to computers.

Examples Ive seen so far,
"Dear Slim Thug", "Dear T-Pain" & "Dear Bow-Wow"
[Yes, Ive seen each of these wack ass letters.]

In the words of Lil Kim,
"Get you own sh*t, B*tch. Why you riding mine?!"

July 02, 2009

Dearest Drake,

Dearest Drake,

I just can't believe this shit!

I have been waiting MONTHS for a video to this [or "Successful"]
& THIS is what's produced?

It reminds me of a soft porn w/ all the tits bouncing around the screen.
I, like MANY OTHERS, just envisioned something TOTALLY different...
You know, something that had to do w/ the song.
But it is what it is...& as long as you're cool, im cool.

PS: One Question: Did Kanye West really direct this?

July 01, 2009

Dearest Nicki Minaj,

Dearest Nicki Minaj,

You're Not Wack...

...I just feel like something is missing.

My boyfriend has played Beam Me Up Scotty a few times
--so I have listened to you--but, I just don't know.

I want to like you. [I DO!]
But when I listen to your mixtape, I compare you to Lil Kim.
There's something about you that reminds me of her.
But for some reason, I just ain't feeling you like I feel her.

That's my Bitch...;)