August 25, 2009

Dearest Brandon Hines,

Dearest Brandon Hines,


There aren't too many signed/unsigned [male] artists that can sing to me,
but I really like your voice. I remember seeing you live a while back at the BMI Urban Showcase in Atlanta, GA almost 2 years ago..
[T.R.I.M.M. also performed [& won], but thats a different story]

But a few days ago, I came across the youtube of you singing my FAVORITEFAVORITEFAVORITE song right now, "Pretty Wings" &
immediately knew you needed a love note/another little introduction to the world.

[I'm a new fan]

Dearest Aaliyah,

Dearest Aaliyah,

"...I won't let no one come & take your place..."

You are one of the best & if anyone argues otherwise,
they'll feel the front & back of my hand across their right & left cheeks.
I have owned every one of your CDs, taught myself damn near all of your dance moves & performed numerous routines to your music.

Besides all the obvious favorites, I LOVE "John Blaze" ft. Missy Elliott.

Also, while crusing the net, I came across a live performance of you on the
Rosie O'Donell show singing "Journey to the Past"

&& one of my FAVORITES joints ever, "One in a Million" on Nickelodeon's All That.

You are seriously missed babygirl. R.I.P.

August 21, 2009

Dearest Jay-Z,

Dearest Jay-Z,

This is my favorite song right now. PERIOD.

I just love it & the video makes me like it even more...
Im a huge fan of all three artists on this song, especially Mr. West.
Everything that he is on right now, is actually my favorite song too. ;)
Something about his flow & the sh*t he spit [SMH] he just go so hard.

But this isnt a love note to Kanye, its to "Jigga My Nigga".
I have lovedlovedloved you since day two...
[Not day one b/c I wasnt up on Reasonable Doubt when it 1st dropped like everyone else], but Ive always remained a lover
of your music all these years, b/c simply put--
You're one of THEE best.

I have been blessed enough to see you perform twice at Phillips Arena,
both time floor seats, & I SWEAR we made eye contact one time [I wont tell Bey]...ha!

Dearest TR.I.M.M.,

Dearest T.R.I.M.M.,

"...Make that pussy pop/I can make that pussy popular..."

That is one of my favorite lines.
I really like this joint.
Produced by SMKA, "Instant Replay" is from the upcoming EP,
T.R.I.M.M. meets SMKA.

The track also features JBeans & ELz.
I cant wait for the EP to drop!

August 18, 2009

Dearest R. Kelly,

Dearest R. Kelly,

"You are now rocking with the BestBestBestBest..."

I LOVE this joint.
Keri Hilson sounds nice on this joint too.
I dont understand why so many people hate on homegirl...she's bbbbaaaddd!

Anyway, I have been an R. Kelly fan since the '12 Play' album,
[I must say when all that drama w/ the teeny bopper popped off,i couldnt listen to you for a minute.]
But you returned w/ "Ignition" & there I was - a lover of your music again.

I swear you are the only 'R&B Thug' that can do this music sh*t so lovely
& I'm happy you've returned.
[Album "Untitled" in stores Oct 13th && you'll be on the "Ladies Make Some Noise" tour starting Oct. 8th...Oct. 22nd in ATL]

& of course, I had to take trip down memory lane & throw in a classic.

PS: I have to tell you "Superman High"...[smh]...WACK! Please don't perform that sh*t at the "Ladies Make Some Noise" tour. Thx.

August 11, 2009

Dearest Operation Repo,

Dearest Operation Repo,

I absolutely LOVE this show!

Its so damn funny to see how people act when you arrive to tow their
car away...ESPECIALLY when they KNOW they haven't paid their car note
in the past 90 days [at least!]

But you all are some "Gs"...
You get the vehicle by any means neccessary.
I have many fav. episodes...but the two below are by far my favorites!

This first video is of an older male, who "needs to grow up" [says his parents].
Watch the video & you'll see what I mean.
I was laughing this WHOLE segment...b/c its real....[right?]
Pay attention at 1:55 - Hiliarious!

My second favorite episode is titled "Wedding Day Repo".
Ladies, what would YOU do?

[Operation Repo comes on TruTV Monday nights at 10]

August 07, 2009

Dearest Whitney Houston,

Dearest Whitney Houston,


I have loved you, your music & your voice since I was a toddler [im now 26 -shhh-].
I have always thought your voice was a gift from God
& If there was anybody I wish I could sing like [if I could hold a note] would be
Ms. Whitney Houston.

I was blog browsing & came across the full link of "Million Dollar Bill" on

"If he make you feel like a million dollar bill say..."

I REALLY REALLY like this song.
When I found out Alicia Keys wrote the song over a Swizz Beatz Beat...
I took an extra listen & I must're back Miss Thang.

&& in the Love Note tradition...
Its only right we take a look at a few CLASSICs.

PS: I actually have gotten the chance to meet you.
I remember I was bartending & I was standing on the patio w/ a few of
my co-workers & I saw you & Bobby Brown walking into the doors.
I started to freak out like, "Oh my God, its Whitney Houston!! Oh my god!!"

1st, Bobby walked into the door singing as he came down the aisle
& right behind him came you.
I was SSOOOOOO excited/nervous!
I wanted to just scream out "I LOVE YOU/YOUR MUSIC/YOUR VOICE" & jump over the bar to give you a hug,
BUT, I remembered where I was & composed myself.
I also remember you & Bobby telling me I had very pretty
Yall were so cool & sweet to me...& despite the Hater Sh*t-
I will always love you.

August 04, 2009

Dearest Shyne,

Dearest Shyne,

October Sixth Two Thousand & Nine!

That's the day we all need to circle [w/ a red sharpie] on our calenders
b/c Shyne [aka Jamal Burrow] - Now, Moses Michael Leviy - will be a free man.
Quick question...obviously, I'm late on this,
but when the hell did you change your name & convert to Judaism?
[According to].

Now, I'm a little skeptical of whether you will continue your career as
a rapper...[damn, actually, im a little sad about this].
I LOVED your 1st CD...One of my favorites were "Bonnie & Clyde"..

Dearest Playaz Circle,

Dearest Playaz Circle,

I like Tity Boi [aka 2Chainz]...

..I think its your flow I like the most.
[shouts to T.R.I.M.M. for putting me on]
But, the reason I'm writing this love note is because
I was watching the "Look What I Got" video & giggled
to myself when I noticed the red A-Town car.

Looks "EXACTLY" like the car in the "Caddy's" video at the top of the page -

[during T.R.I.M.M.'s verse] - actually it IS the car.

Dearest Wendy Williams,

Dearest Wendy Williams,

"How you doing?"

I love you & The Wendy Williams Show.
[Finally gives me something else to watch besides the 3 hour marathon
of Maury Povich & Jerry Springer episodes.]

You are so funny...& personable.
I love watching you interview everyone that sits on your couch
b/c you talk to them like you've know them since forever.
Plus, you're very knowledgable on their business,
which makes it even more interesting.

I have only missed a few episodes since it premiered about 2-3 weeks ago,
But I can already say...I am a fan [& not just a Whitney Fan]...;)

[The Wendy Williams show comes on Mon-Fri 10am on FOX.]

August 02, 2009

Dearest Dumbass Parents,

Dearest Dumbass Parents,

This sh*t is RIDICULOUS!

My jaw hit the computer desk when I saw this sh*t...
[SMH] - its saddens me. Really Black People? REALLY?
I don't even dance like these premature hoes...

&& Where the HELL are you...PARENTS?
I saw a lady tap a little boy on his head signaling for him to get out the way so that the little girls had more space to gyrate.
This is just so...Embarrassing.
I mean, do they know their ABCs, 123s & other important information need for life?
Or, are they just ready to hit the damn pole?

I'm surprised the little boy who was recording the performances didn't start "making it rain".