January 30, 2009

Dearest Lil Wayne,

Dearest Lil Wayne,

I loved this interview you did with Katie Couric.
I learned a little bit more about you & your thoughts.

Lil Wayne Quotables:
"Music is another form of Muse, to me..."
"Im a Gangsta & Gangsta's don't ask questions"
"I'm a rapper & thats who I am, Ms. Katie. And I am a gangsta. I do what I want".


January 28, 2009

Dearest Aspiring Vixen,

Dearest Aspiring Vixen,

I was browsing a few websites & came across the casting call video for Ludacris's newest single, "Nasty Girl".
This is just a little preview of the things you will be doing in your audition if you ever aspire to be in a video.

I guess what I won't do, someone else always will, right?
Enjoy fellas ;)

PS: Check the move @ :47 seconds...LoL.

Thx Young Kingz

Dearest T.I.,

Dearest T.I.,

I can't believe you actually did this sh*t.
As a "Stan" fan since 2002, let me tell you that the below pic is hella nasty.
What the hell possessed you to wipe your "goodies" with your tee & toss it into the crowd?

Who the hell [besides the hoe who's reaching 4 the sh*t in both pics] would want that nasty ass hanes t-shirt now?
I would NOT raise my hand for that sh*t if it came flying out into the crowd.
Now that I imagine that, my ass would probably jump out the damn way.

SMH. Im really just speechless...
If I was Tiny, I would pop you in the back of your damn head for this.

PS: I hope this isnt some new trend or something. Remember wack ass Yung Berg from back in August? EwwWWww.

January 26, 2009

Dearest Kanye,

Dearest Kanye,

Really??? No. Really??!!
You want the world to now refer to you as "Martin Louie The King, Jr."???

Now, I read about the "Let me be great" sh*t you thought up,
but now my ass is "baffled".
[This sounds kinda stupid. Like the football player who changed his name to OCHO-CINCO[translated: Eight-Five]].

You actually put thought & effort into this whole video, didnt you?
I can tell by the way the Louie was all set up nicely.
The camera perfectly angled...lol.
You're losing your mind, Homie. Seriously.

Please KANYE,
[like the mommy in Poltergiest told Caroline],

"...Listen to me. Do NOT go into the light. Stop where you are. Turn away from it. Don't even look at it. "

For the LOVE of Hip Hop...turn the hell around...please.

January 21, 2009

Dearest Jay-Z,

Dearest Jay-Z,

LMAO...this sh*t was so funny to me.
I saw it on TV then had to hop on my PC to make sure that what I heard was real.
"...when the Performer, that is Beyonce..."
SMH...my stomach hurt, I was laughing so hard at your ass.
You looked nervous before dude even asked you the question [LoL], then to see you damn near break into a sweat & start to st-st-studder like was Hiliarious!
Why are you trying so hard not to refer to BEYONCE as your wife, your boo, your homieloverfriend?
We all already know...dang.

PS: FastForward to 1:25 to get to the excitement.

Dearest Gorilla Zoe,

Dearest Gorilla Zoe,

I have to apologize. I did NOT have any clue that somewhere on this planet, you had a #1 fan.
I mean, Ive heard some of your joints & they arent wack, butttt...lets just say you arent one of MY top mcs.
[I do, however, LOVE Lost w/Lil Wayne.]
Truthfully, I dont think I like you enough to do what the :ahem: lady did in the video below for tickets just to see you.
[Nudity included]

PS: Did you give the hoe front row/backstage passes...atleast?!

Dearest Jay-Z,

Dearest Jay-Z,

I know I'm late, so please excuse my tardiness
[just moved & been waiting on wack ass Comcast to hook up this highspeed],
but Im just getting the opportunity to check out your performance in DC and I must ask...Do you think you redeemed yourself from back in December when you jumped on Kanye's Go Hard?

:Applauding: I dont know if its b/c of the energy of the crowd but, I liked it.
My president is black - in fact hes half white
So even in a racist mind, hes half right
Even if youve got a racist mind, its all right
My President is black, but his house is all white
Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run
Barack Obama ran so all our children could fly
So Im a spread my wings, you could meet me in the sky

January 13, 2009

Dearest Mac Breezy,

Dearest Mac Breezy,

DAMMMNNN, you got knocked the fuc* out!
I can't believe that dude rapper, Gucci Mane, socked you like you were a dude. Jumping over security & sh*t [smh] he must of really wanted to punch your ass.

Why didnt you just move when he 1st approached you?
Wanted to be hard headed & show your ass, huh?
LoL, this is a lesson to all them Hoez that Maceo told to sit down
[remember that SONG?] . I remember when I was younger I would buck at all them wack dudes at the clubs who got disrespectful, but now that Im a tad bit older Ive realized that some guys are crazy [not through personal experience thou...for the record] & dont care about knocking a b*tch out.

Why did you throw the cup? Wasn't that strong ass push embarrassing enough for you?
Oh! & what the hell made you want to do an "exclusive interview" afterwards?
You really are "gully" b/c my ass would of went straight home afterwards & iced my eye.

PS: I didnt know you were on THIS SONG with Gucci! This was my SH*T @ Vegas Nites ;)

Dearest Bloggers,

Dearest Bloggers,
[& other readers of Love Notes to Hip Hop]

72 people are apart of my entourage...WoW.
[if only I could get that many comments *wink*]

This is dedicated to you...

"So I thought up this song/To show my appreciation for lovin' me so long/
You don't know how much you mean to me"

PS: I know we arent as deep as the lyrics to the song, but the message is just...


For reading my thoughts about what entertains me and/or just irritates me.

January 12, 2009

Dearest Dick,

Dearest Dick,

How did you get on his back & Who put you there?

LoL...its worth a giggle.

PS: Is this what yall do on WallStreet?

Dearest Broke Ass,

Dearest Broke Ass,

I have been debating whether or not I wanted to write this lil love note, but after surfing through YouTube, I found this video & decided to address it because Im SURE so many other people feel exactly like you do.

I dont know where on Earth they do this at, but tipping is not new sh*t.
Everyone should be aware that when you take your ass out to eat, drink and have a jolly good time, that you need to know your budget.
Its ridiculous that SOOO Many people act and have the same mentality as the young lady in the video. Who taught you that?

Let me explain something as easy as I can.
In GA servers/bartenders make TWO DOLLARS & THIRTEEN CENTS AN HOUR [2.13].
Unlike many, a pay check is never seen. That 2.13 x # of hours = goes to taxes.
The pay stub is given & shows where the gov't splits the money up and the gross ytd.
Rent, Bills, Food, etc. is provided by all money that patrons leave after they ingest a few drinks & food [& YES, that is after having to give the busser, bartender & possibly host a percentage of what you make that shift].

No one expects for you to pay "Comcast" for them...& please believe we're so happy you paid your bill in full...but its essential that you pay for services rendered.
If you had pleasant service, food, drinks...you must come out the pocket.

I know you "felt like Steak today", but if you can't afford it...maybe you should go to Steak N Shake [or get it to-go] instead. Its ridiculous to know that FIVE grown women spent $164 on food/drinks and couldnt even leave the server AT LEAST 15-20% of your bill [thats only 5-6 dollars a piece] but instead...ONE DOLLAR & SIXTY CENTS A PIECE!!!!
[I cant even get gum for $1.60 in '09].

I shouldnt stereotype, but I can probably guess you ran the server like a damn slave, complained about everything, wanted something for free and/or had a nasty attitude. [if im wrong, i apologize...probably not thou']
Thats probably why he felt you "stiffed" him on $164.

If you do not know the etiquette of tipping, holla at me and I will be glad to educate you on what one should leave when dining out.

PS: [Q] Why be a Server? [A] EASIEST MONEY...w/out having to get nude.
How hard is it to take a order, drop it off & smile..working 1/2 the hours & doing less work than you do at your place of employment.

January 08, 2009

Dearest Cheater,

Dearest Cheater,

I can't believe after your husband gave you his KIDNEY, you had the audacity
to turn around and commit adultery...SMH.
Now his ass is asking for that b*tch back...WoW.
I tried to warn you a few days back with my previous Love Note, you might wanna check it out.
Karma's a B*tch, huh?!

PS: I wonder if he'll get it [Kidney=$1.5 million] back.

January 07, 2009

Dearest Pigs,

Dearest Pigs,

I was so pissed off after I watched this video.
I at least expected the "suspect" to have ran, fought back or even struggled a little before you shot him, buttt, um, I didnt see anything of the sort.

I have seen many COPS episodes where they will tazer a person, much more "out of control" than this young man, before they even pull a gun out.
So what was your motive?

PS: Its ridiculous. Sh*t is getting out of control.

Dearest Notorious B.I.G.,

Dearest Notorious B.I.G.,

You are 1 of my top 3 favorite rappers of all time.
Ever since I was a teenie bopper, I have been listening & rapping along with you.

Anyway, today, I was flipping through the channels and came across 106 & Park & the cast from the upcoming movie, NOTORIOUS, was on set.
I must admit, I have not been too eager to see the movie.
[Im a lil ashamed to say that b/c of how big of a fan I am]
But after watching the clip they showed [since I have been avoiding all other trailers], I decided it might be something I should go spend $10 to see after all.
[Yes, that is how much it cost to see a damn movie, after 5 in GA...pisses me off].

Buttt, the real reason for my letter was because 106&Park's Flashback joint was "Sky's The Limit" where kids portrayed you, Puff & even Lil Kim [haha].
I hadn't seen this video for years! It brought back such memories & it makes me feel so damn old...geez.

PS: I was cracking up at the little hoes that were dancing poolside...hiliarious!

January 06, 2009

Dearest Sharon Osbourne,

Dearest Sharon Osbourne,

As a loyal watcher of damn near every reality show on TV, I have seen so many of these reunion shows go bad...[Remember when Mo'nique chomped one of Flavor Flav's hoes off?]...But I must stand up and applaud you on putting that little bird in her place.
I love the "cough" and how you reached for your drink before you drowned the little heifer.
[excuse me for calling the hoe so many names, I just seriously think the mud duck has no soul...[if you watch the show, then you know what I'm talking about.]]

LoL...I did giggle a little when you told that bean pole that she should be neutered like that ugly ass chihuaua she carries around [attached to her nipple] all the damn time. [LoL@me].

:Clapping: Classic!

January 02, 2009

Dearest Katt Williams,

Dearest Katt Williams,

You are HHEELLLAAA funny!
Seriously! You went HARD---maybe a lil too hard? [hmmm].

But "this sh*t right here...This sh*t right here nigga" is QUITE entertaining.
I can't believe you got on Mr. "Laced Front High Top Fade" so hard!
I expected maybe a little joke about Steve Harvey, but not for dude to be "bitch made", a "disrespectful sonofab*tch" and a "liar".

Were you trying to end this nigga's career?
My guess...after this there will be nothing but gospel comedy shows for his ass.

PS: OH!!! Does T-Pain really suck di*k? ROFLMAO-WOW!
thanks 2 the camera dude 4 this footage