June 09, 2011

Dearest Kelly Rowland,

Dearest Kelly Rowland,


I've been waiting on you to come with a song I'd LOVE!
I have loved you since Destiny's Child first popped up on my tv.
I remember seeing/hearing the NoNoNo video & falling in love with that song & DC.

But now, I was watching television & your video for Motivation came on. According to Billboard.com, this single has hit no. 1 on the Billboard Hot HipHop/R&B charts & believe it or not, 2002 was the last time you were on the top of the Top 100 & Hip Hop/R&B charts and that was with Nelly. So, Welcome back...to the top!

Also, Shout out to the songwriter, Rico Love.
I've been seeing his name everydamnwhere lately.

1 comment:

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