October 27, 2008

Dearest Swagger,

Dearest Swagger,

Let me start by saying I can NOT stand your ass!

I was introduced to you a long ass time ago and personally, I wish you'd go back to wherever the hell you came from...immediately.

Over the past year or so you have become one of Hip Hop's (and EVERYONE else on Earth's) bestest friend. I don't care about that, its just becoming irritating to hear people say your name just to sound "cool"..."hip"..."down".

For Example, the other day at work a song came over the speakers and someone asked was the male voice John Legend's. So we all shhh'd and listened. "Doesn't sound like him" I commented and proceeded to make my money. A minute or so later a male co-worker approached me visibly upset and said, "They are SO stupid! That is NOT John Legend...he doesn't have his swagger!" LMAO. Hmmmm....really?!

Its becoming ridiculous when random people shout you out and don't REALLY know you and what you're about. So lets take a vacation before you wear yourself out.



chr1st3nd0 said...

I concur!

Super Woman said...

hey hun ...
me and my friends recently had a funeral for Swagger aka swagg

he will truly not me missed...

Mack Momma said...

I agree with you 100%. I really like your letters. they are cracking my shit up.

Thank you!

if you want to read some stuff you can check out my blog as well.

MAyMAyE said...

tell me about it...
everyone's proclaiming their 'swagger'...
i dnt give a h-e-double hockey sticks about nobody's swagger!

frankly b/c- "No one has swagger like these 4 guys..."
{Swagger Like Us}
LMFAO...fuXX a swagger!