November 01, 2008

Dearest Broke Ass,

Dearest Broke Ass,

Im just curious...why do you come to the resturant I work at, sit in my section, run me like a slave and have the audocity to tip me a sorry ass dollar or two??
What the HELL am I going to do with that? Gum isnt even a dollar anymore so what bill or rent am I going to pay that with?

Let me explain this to you. As a server/bartender in GA I make a "whooping" 2.13 an hour. THATS IT!
That 2.13 doesnt even touch my is used towards the taxes I have to pay to the gov't.
When I receive my "check" it says THIS IS NOT A CHECK meaning its a sorry ass paystub.
All the money I make comes from YOU!
Now Im not expecting your broke ass to pay a bill for me...just tip accordingly.

T.I.P.S. means To Ensure Proper Service and if thats what you receive..good service...I am expecting 18-20% of your bill.
For and your girls come in and spend 50 much do you leave ? A) $2 B)$5 C) $10

If you said anything other than 10 keep your ass at home...or hit a place with a drive thru..SERIOUSLY.

Also, please keep your nasty attitude at home, stop expecting everything for free, have common sense, dont sit at my table longer than neccessary (eat and go), stop the water and lemon shit, be polite, get off that sorry ass phone when talkin to me and know your budget.

Please tell a friend.
Tell your "sistas" too b/c I CAN'T stand their asses personally

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Just Jasmine said...

it's good to see the other side of this.
I am stingy with my tips. I know the amount is 18 percent however, in my head I am deducting for every slight. My food is cold....that's a minus
i ask for one thing, you bring me anything other than that minus

when I am with my son i overtip. It's only right