February 23, 2009

Dearest Christina Milian,

Dearest Christina Milian,

Although I am not a "big fan", I must admit that I have enjoyed a
few of your songs along the way, but the latest single,
"Us Against the World"

is 1 of my fav. joints right now & stays in iPod rotation.
I like the video too. Very Sexy Like.
[Just a little confused about that metal head gear in the middle of the desert...hmmm]
:me singing: "If the sun shuts down & decided not to shine no more/I would still have you you you you baby"
[Something in me just wishes Dream wrote it...Congrats on that thou'.]

Anywho, the below joint is one of my all time fav. videos/songs!

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Reggie Magz said...

when I first heard this joint a few months back, i fell in love with the joint. it's fire no doubt.