February 07, 2009

Dearest Bobby V.,

Dearest Bobby V.,

I was browsing through a few websites & came across this picture taken from your "BeepBeep" video.

EwwWWww, what the HELL is that on the back of your head?
Do you plan on growing it out & braiding it?
I mean, is this suppose to be some new trend youre hoping dudes catch onto?
Like Kid Fury asked,
"Are we going to act as if this shit is acceptable?"


GoSSiP said...


Lo.Writer said...

Yo where that Chris Brown letter @? I kno u got it on deck. Im waitinggggggg........hahahaha

Kimberly Michelle said...

Lol, I caught that too, during the video, when he was constantly turning his head for a profile shot of the "patch". As if he would be somehow sending a "subliminal" message. HA! I think I'll have to pass on this trend. But I must admit: He wasn't the first to start it. It was big in Bahamas, and there were a couple of Bahamians at our university who were rocking it last fall. It's crazy. Not bashing Bahamians, I'm half Bahamian, which is why I know so much about the "piece of headwear". =). Cute post, keep them coming!