May 06, 2009

Dearest Doubters,

Dearest Doubters,

"Navigating your way through the plethora of new artists on the ATL’s hip-hop scene
can be a daunting task.
And when one of those artists boast that he is
The Realest Individual Making Music,”
you might find it hard to take him seriously.
Well, your skepticism be damned,
TRIMM is one the most talented solo MC’s around.
Fusing catchy hooks with street-laced, intoxicatingly funny lyrics,
takes the listener back to the days’ of Slimm Calhoun – if dude could actually spit.
Whether he’s sharing the stage with The Dream on “Pay Me,” or riding Bun B’s “You’re Everything” on “Beautiful Mind,” TRIMM proves he has the walk to match his talk

What else do I have to do to convince you to download this mixtape?!
Rolling Out's, Gavin Phillip Godfrey could see it. used one word to describe TRIMM, "...EXCELLENT...".
Who else is getting that sh*t nowadays? the it...give it a listen.
You not wasting money...just dedicating some of your time to a movement
you will want to be apart of later.
Just don't forget this is where you saw it 1st....BITCHES!!

PS: He's ALL OVER Myspace!


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MAyMAyE said...

c0ngratz! i kn0w y0u are very pr0ud 0f him! he like he d0ing big him t0 keep up the "...EXCELLENT..." w0rk & i'ma be sure t0 supp0rt this m0vement b/c i am a true music junkie!