May 03, 2009

Dearest Drizzy Drake,

Dearest Drizzy Drake,

I am OFFICIALLY a fan!
I can't believe I have been sleepin this long...was I in a coma?
It has only been 3 days since I added the "So Far Gone" mixtape to my IPod
& I have been mad @ myself ever since.
Many told me--I was just hardheaded & didn't listen.
[I am so excited about this new movement in music.]

Last night, I had the opportunity to share your 1st ever Atlanta performance
with a sold out crowd @ the Loft.
[I just saw Bun B there a few nights ago...scroll down]

The night started out..."aight".
Danny--The 1st opener was WACK! & I'm not just saying that.
I have never seen any get boo'd like this in real life.
I don't know if it was his white Fabo/Souljah Boy shades or
that fact that we couldnt understand/know what the hell he was rapping about.
But no matter what he kept performing---until they cut his damn set.

Then we jammed w/ the Jaspects & Lil Chucky

But, my favorite moment...
The only moment I was PRAYING for was
when you performed my sh*t--"Successful".
Even surprised us w/ Trey Songz.

"I want the money/Money & the cars/Cars & the Clothes/The Hoes/I suppose/I just wanna be successful"



Maymaye said...

yeah, you have been sleepin on Aubrey Drake Graham Miss Andrina!!
Lmfao...its good though, at least you woke up...
I've been off of Drake since he came out w/ "Replacement Girl" ft/ Trey Songz...and he played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi...if you ever watched that show.
But yeah, I love Drizzy...he bust hekka hard!!


you sound like me... I always RESPECTED everything drake was doing... never was really a FAN. but im convinced now, he got enuff singles to last him a good summer or two.. lol hes gonna be around for a while... peep how they signing EVERY WORD at this SUNY performance below.