May 31, 2009

Dearest Eminem,

Dearest Eminem,

My jaw fell to the floor when i saw dude land
"FACE DOWN/ASS UP" in your lap.
At 1st, it was WTF Is up w/ the
old ass white man hanging by a rope-naked-
w/ wings?!
But eventually, the ropes were released & dude
landed in your lap.
Well his head did anyway...
While his ass & balls tapped your chin.

I could IMMEDIATELY sense this was not planned..
[by you anyway].
"Get this Muthafu*ka off me!" you said as
the bodyguards rush to grab those big ass wings
to release you out of a position NO MAN should
be in.

I, personally, was a lil offended & felt like you
should have whooped Bruno's pun intended.

Also, MTV is wack ass hell for that sh*t.
You had just finished performing & everything.


MAyMAyE said...

I'm not going to lie- this was a bit funny...But it was shysty as well. Scandalous...

Curtiss King said...

Damn, when I saw that I couldnt help but think...NICK CANNON FOR THE WIN. lol.

- Curtiss King
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Lieu Fatale said...

I agree! That was straight bullshit for them to try him like that.