December 10, 2009

Dearest Muffy,

Dearest Muffy,


A visual to one of my FAVORITE underground songs.
Ever since I have been introduced to ATL's underground music scene,
which has been some YEARS now, I have been a fan of yours.
I love your style, individuality & creativeness.
I tried a while back to introduce you to these bitches, but this time, I think you may have caught they're attention.

"SWEET" is one of the DOPEST songs to me.
[Makes me feel like THEE shit ;)]
The Beat [shout out to BATTERY 5! <== Get Familiar Please.],
the Lyrics...I just LOVE it. There has been many replays of this joint in my ride & now the world gets more of a reason to love it as much as I do.

"...Oh My Kitty, Keep her pretty, so he always visits her...
Scratch his back, he like that, reach into his duffle bag 
hand his kitty kat a stack...
There he goes I'm in love with his money
& he knows so he gives me all his honey...."

A few minutes before I wrote this love note, I stopped by Dimewars & saw something that
kiinnndddaaa irritated me. It was the caption under your video which read,
"Oh Look! A NICKI MINAJ CLONE from ATL!!" & the reason it irritated me...? Because I'm not a fan of Ms. Minaj & these what these hoes fail to realize is that...YOU BEEN HERE!
Don't want to get too emotional, so I'm going to end here.

PS: Ladies [& ALL Gucci Fans], Go ahead & check out Muffy's "Get Em Girls".

I REALLY like this song. Go On Girl!

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Tresey B. ;-D said...

she's nothing like Nicki Minaj..I mean her voice may be a little...ehh, I don't know yet..but she for sure doesn't remind me of Nicki. Anywho, it's about TIIIIME we have another female rapper out..shoot, all I listen to is guy rappers nowadays, lmao. The rap game is in dire NEED of a female artist!

E Dot DizZy said...

I like her style and have for a minute now. If I see her in the streets I will try to get her pregnant. That is all.