December 14, 2009

Dearest Atlanta,

Dearest Atlanta,

...AkA "Home of the Haters"...

...Given to you by my favorite radio personality, [V-103s] Ryan Cameron.
I was listening to the radio today & what Ryan was saying is EXACTLY how Ive felt my whole seven plus years living in/all around the city of Atlanta.

Ryan explained this nickname by starting out with how Jermaine Dupri & Johnta Austin, both who reside here in the city of Atlanta, did some research and found out [Mariah Carey's] "We Belong Together" is the #1 single, in the last DECADE, with more radio plays than any other song.
[Side Note: JD & Johnta both contributed to the writing of the song]
I think JD & em were at an event & made the announcement.
Ryan said all you heard was "crickets". No one applauded, cheered, nothing.
That's a damn shame, but I'm not surprised.

I attend a lot of "underground" events in the city of Atlanta & it's ridiculous how people don't even CLAP for an individual b/c of the... hatred.
Like Ryan said, there's no extra charge on the ticket for applauding, especially if YOU aren't doing ANYTHING & these individuals are.
Support them. Damn. All you have to do is clap, maybe even yell if you feeling it.

My Motto: "You have to give love in order to get love"
& if you don't support someone, who the hell is going to support you?

That is all.

PS: Since Ive written this love note someone tweeted Gucci's album sales, [80something thousand] & followed with "My city [ATL] will blow you up, but won't support you...".
Its so obvious, Atlanta.


Tresey B. ;-) said...

Man, that's scandalous. People are shiesty..I always give people props when it's due.

TMacc32 said...

So true...I've been to a few underground hip hop shows and have been like " damn show some love"....even for acts I dont necessarily like I always show love because they are up onstage, taking a chance, and doing something they love....ATL has a long way to go if it wants to be a true music city

E Dot DizZy said...

Well got damn. U hit it on the head with this one homie.