February 01, 2010

Dearest Grammys,

Dearest Grammys,

Like the rest of the world, I have to give my 2 cents on last nights show...

Unlike a lot of people on Earth, I was at still at work at 8 o'clock, but walked in the door in time to catch Pink's BEAUTIFUL performance. I literally stood in front of the TV watching her twist & twirl until the final applaud.

Like many of Pink's longtime fans, I think she is definitely one of the most underrated Pop Chicks in the game. Homegirl is so talented.

I also witnessed Beyonce's acceptance speech for one of her 6 awards, "Best Female Vocals" for 'Halo'.
[where she shouted out her husband might I add...You know I thought it was so adorable..=) ]
All I have to say is If Beyonce is not THEE shit!, then who is!?!

She has come so damn far, how can you not be proud of her?

As usual, Mr. Jamie Foxx was able to make all of us crack the hell up during his performance. Damn, I'm proud of Jamie too. He's a helluva actor who performing 'Blame It' at The GRAMMYs...smh. If he ain't the shit, who is? I do have one comment though...Jamie kiiinnndddaaa seems like a....DrakeGroupie. Yes, I said it...Did you peep him recording with the camera phone? [sigh].

LoL. "I apologize about the auto-tune, Jay-Z."

And now, the final performance of the night, which I stayed tuned for only because I wanted to see one of my favorite emcees, Eminem, who blessed us with 2 verses!

Shout out to Drake who has had a Grammy performance before his album has even dropped. I really hope homie lives up to the hype. 

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Tresey B. :D said...

Honestly though. If Bey isn't THE SHIT, then WHO is? Jay looked hecka shocked when she thanked him as her "husband". Lol