February 01, 2010

Dearest LiL Kim,

Dearest LiL Kim,

...aka Ms. Kimberly D. Jones or my favorite, "Queen Bitch. Supreme Bitch..."

While I was visiting one of my favorite websites, NecoleBitchie.com, she had "vintage" photos of you that were sent to her via email with the below message attached.

"These are some rare photos from a photoshoot by Mo Daoud. They weren’t released. Lil’ Kim is the best and the rest followed her. Even Nicki Minaj wants to be a blonde now.
I would really appreciate if you could show everyone the beauty of Vintage Kim". -Frank

I love them! I love seeing pictures of people in their natural environment.
You are so GORGEOUS, Kim & like Frank said, you are the best, honey.
I have been riding with you since the first time I heard your voice & you have NO idea how bad I/the world is fiending for more "vintage" Kim.

PS: To see more exclusive pictures check out NecoleBitchie.com.


Anonymous said...



You fan,


Tresey B. :D said...

lol at stop w/the nose jobs. Anywho, when is she going to drop something b/c I'm tired of Nicki Lewinsky! She's cool and everything, but all of that "animated" rapping irks my nerves!