February 05, 2010

Dearest Friends,

Dearest Friends,

"I'm with your girl. She do it all just to please me & nah, she don't forget my babies...Weezy..." -ELZ

You hear the track on autoplay right? Go ahead. Turn your speakers up some more.

Take a minute & listen to the intro...get familiar with the Umbrella Gang's definition of "TACKY".

"Different color girl. Different color jewel. My car don't match my chain. My girl don't match my shoes. This is how we do. Red & Yellow, Blue. I'm fresh in purple too, cause I'm Tacky..."

Another party anthem brought to you by one of my favorite producers, HeadRoc & two of the most talented unsigned artists... TRIMM & ELZ.

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1 comment:

Tresey B. :D said...

The hook is hecka catchy. I likes, I likes, lol. Also, I loooove ELz's "Pray for Me"!!