March 09, 2010

Dearest T.I.,

Dearest T.I.,

"...Keep your mind on your grind...

..& off of minez, alright??"

The KING is back & I am ohsoexcited about this.
Soon as I saw the link, i hopped up to check out the new single, "I'm Back" [<== click to download] & of course, I'm not disappointed. Its an appropiate song for the moment all of us SERIOUS Tip fans have been waiting for.

Welcome back. You have TRULY been missed.
& now THEE song that made me a TI fanatic..."Dope Boyz".

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Tresey B. (: said...

this song hecka slap, I played this stupid times after hearing it for the first time. I'm digging this wayy waaay wayy more than that new joint of Drake's! ayyyeeee!