January 14, 2011

Dearest Chocolate Drop,

Dearest Chocolate Drop,

...aka C.D.. aka Get Money...

When I saw the youtube you dropped introducing yourself to the world, I immediately became a fan. The bars you spitting are hard as hell...One of my favorite lines from your first freestyle session, "See me or don't get seen.." that right there shows these "Nut Ass Niggas" you aren't someone to play with. It's Real Rap Raw... in case you didn't know.

I also see you have a lot of mixtapes lined up, but there's one inparticular that I can't wait to hear...'M&Ms Aint in this Bag, Bitch'. One question though, is "I'm Gully, I'm Hood" going to be on that one? I hope so b/c you went IN on the few bars I heard.

Anyway, I have to thank you for getting this this game of Hip Hop & showing all these so called rappers how it's done.

PS: You killed it with the "Birds don't fly, but Nigga I eat Rye...bread" line. CLASSIC!

twitter.com/chocolatedroppa <== follow him.

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TreseyB said...

Lmfaoooooooooooooooooo, he is so stuuuupid! I could not stop rewinding this, lmfaooo!! He is a hot mess! Lmfaooo, definitely just gave me my laugh of the day!