January 07, 2011

Dearest Miguel,

Dearest Miguel,

I FELL IN LOVE with "All I Want is You"...

& knew once your debut album dropped, I was going to run & cop it...which I did.
You did your thing on this album! I love talented artists who can sing & write their own music.
Thats truly a gift in my eyes.

While I was looking for your "Sure Thing" video, which I meant to post weeks ago, I came across a live performance on Jimmy Kimmel. An artist's live performance speak volumes to me, so I can officially say, I am a Miguel fan...

...but I can tell people are already sleeping on your talent, which isnt surprising.
Seems like you have to do a song with wackass Gucci or oneverydamnsong Drake, nowadays, in order for these kiddies to pay attention. Damn Shame.

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