January 18, 2011

Dearest Tity Boi

Dearest Tity Boi,

...aka Twwwoo Chhaiiinnnnzzzz...

I have to apologize, I have been sleeping on you & I mean coma like.
No matter how hard my boyfriend bumped your music, I'd constantly zone out. But, I'm the type of person that gotta find out shit myself...& homie, I feel stupid. I'm actually starting to love your ass. Your music is the shit right now. Matter of fact, as I type this Love Note I'm listening to your Trap-A-Velli 2. My favorites, "Fuck the Roof", "Boo" & "Issues".
I'm kinda excited to hear your new mixtape  Codeine Cowboy set to drop 2/22...& to get us ready you dropped this trailer:

& now...a song we all know & love.

PS: To my boo...sorry. You told me so. :)

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