January 30, 2009

Dearest Lil Wayne,

Dearest Lil Wayne,

I loved this interview you did with Katie Couric.
I learned a little bit more about you & your thoughts.

Lil Wayne Quotables:
"Music is another form of Muse, to me..."
"Im a Gangsta & Gangsta's don't ask questions"
"I'm a rapper & thats who I am, Ms. Katie. And I am a gangsta. I do what I want".



Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Wayne is fucken fool

ariele said...

"And I am a gangsta. I do what I want".

ha. ima have to use that one

Ziggy Za. said...

I'm assuming he doesn't know that music is derived from the word muse?

Ziggy Za. said...

Oh, one more...wonder how pops is feeling after DeWayne shat on him on national tv?

Reggie Magz said...

I feel you, but I just can't stand Lil' Wayne. I respect him as an artist, and praise to him for what he does best. He just gives me a mix feelings about his well being, believe me I think he's an intelligent individual just don't think he has it all upstairs. Let me take that "intelligent individual" line back. I say he's a moron.

kmx. said...

I watched this last night.
Loved it. I love Lil' Wayne from interviews I've seen and his music. Yeah he's a lil wacked out, but who isn't?

Andrina said...

Reggie..i agree w/ u...
wayne feel off after Carter 2