January 30, 2010

Dearest Black Ladies,

Dearest Black Ladies,

I am writing this Love Note to you specifically because there are 2 major issues going on in our culture that needs to be addressed.

Last night, while on twitter, there were 2 tweets that popped up on my timeline that expressed exactly how I felt regarding a lot of my sistas.. The first one was posted by @JamapellaNesha:

"Why is it we have a hard time being nice & to our own?
We forever give each other the nastiest looks and attitude for no reason..."

As a bartender I have the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of individuals. People from all over the world have come, sat down & had a conversation of some sort with me & I must say, out of all the different cultures & ethnicities ...you tend to have the nastiest attitude. It starts with me & a smile, "Hi. How are you?" your response, [silence]. Thats usually how our sessions begins. I go into Wal-Mart, we end up two-stepping in the cereal aisle & I'm the only one who's parents taught her to say "Excuse Me".  I know you all were raised with the basics of common courtesy & manners please display them. There's no reason to walk around with a nasty attitude & hard look on your face. Smile. =)

The second tweet came from @PinkPoodle86. She posted:

"See Im no hater! I salute a flly bish when I see one! We need to stick together and stop hating!..."

While looking for a picture for this love note, I googled African American women so many images of beautiful black women popped up. Different colors, hair, nose, lips, body...everything...but GORGEOUS!
Why must it be a "Better than You" competition when we have the baddest females of all the races anyway...? =)

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Supastarrr said...

my experience at work is similar to yours. They can never drop the "hard" expressions.There's no need for it 24/7