December 30, 2010

Dearest Friends,

Dearest Friends,

We've been punked.
Yesterday, during the hiliarious tweef [twitter beef] between Chris Brown and Raz B a link was posted with the title "Suge Knight has been arrested for Tupac's murder". Immediately I clicked the link to see what was up & the below video popped up.

Now, the first time I watched it  my jaw dropped. I really believed it was true.
Then, I watched it the second time & noticed the May 2010 date, the 2 different newscasts & realized some genius punked us all. I couldn't believe it. I bet the jerk was sitting at home laughing his ass of at how the twitter world was going crazy over some video he cut & pasted together.

After all this, what have we learned children?
Not to believe everything we hear...unelss it is presented  by a reliable source.

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