December 10, 2010

Dearest Young Dro,

Dearest Young Dro,

I have been rocking with you since 2006.

The mixtape you did with DJ Drama: Day One was my shit!
I swear I played that mixtape out!! Song for song the EP was jamming. 
That CD made me a Dro fan for life.
I remember immediately copping your debut album, Best Thang Smoking because of how much I loved your flow & lyricism on Day One. To this day, I consider Best Thang Smoking one of my favorite hip hop albums.

Since then I have been patiently waiting on another Young Dro album.
Last year you did drop a video for "I Don't Know Yall"...[ I loved the video by the way ]  from the RIP: (I Killed that Shit) mixtape. That shit went hard too bytheway.

A few days ago I ran across the "Freeze Me" video ft. Gucci & TIP & no surprise, I l.o.v.e. it.

...Minus Gucci's verse...just not a fan of homeboy's.
Anyways, I was googling & ran across an unreleased video for a song that I use to play the hell out of.
Rashad Morgan's "Tell Em What They Wanna Hear" was in constant rotation on my iPod. I just don't understand why it didn't any love as it should have. Especially here in Atlanta.
"Watermelon car, watermelon guts. Damn shawty fine with a watermelon butt."

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