November 20, 2008

Dearest Floyd Mayweather,

Dearest Floyd Mayweather,

I remember a few months ago hearing you were going to be at a club out here in Atlanta and although you made it rain, excuse me, BLIZZARD in that were throwing counterfeit cash.
A local radio dj asked you about that and you responded with something like you had got it straight from the bank, so the bank must be giving out fake shyt...hmmMMmm

[While we're speaking of counterfeit cash, let me tell you about MY counterfeit experience].

Now, 1st let me tell you that I'm a bartender, so I am constantly handling cash. Like most people who deal with that moola on a daily basis, I mark the 20, 50 & 100 dollar bills with the money marker, but one day someone got my ass.

I was at Chic-Fil-A ordering me a chicken biscuit & sweet tea
before I went into Hell [thats what I call my place of employment ;)] and handed the old ass lady a TEN DOLLAR BILL. Next thing I know she's holding it up to the light, flipping it from front to back-back to front & disappears behind that heavy looking swinging door. A few minutes later, a tall white man marches out and just says, "We can NOT accept this" waving the money in the air.

I looked at his ass like he crazy. "Why not?" I asked as I realize how I must of looked to the rest of the people in line, being the minority and all. "This is a fake ten dollar bill." he says. "What?" I reply realizing some lousy guest at work must of given it to me.
So I put my hand back out expecting to receive my money back and he shakes his narrow ass head side to side and says, "I can not give this back to you. I am suppose to call the police..." and on that note I said f**k it and walked out the door PISSED that I was out ten dollars and still hungry. The End ;)

Back to the situation at hand...

I recently came across this little video & it amused the hell out of me. To see you walk out on stage [shout out to the big bodyguard with the lil locks...use to see his ass all the time at THE LIBRARY] and throw ALL that cash is kinda breathtaking.

I saw the stacks...smh...and it just makes me...
SO DAMN HAPPY that my ass was nowhere near the vicinity of that event.
I am POSITIVE people were losing their minds!

Anyways, I'm happy you're sharing your wealth with the people--no matter how many hoes and grown ass men stomp each other out.
Its a positive thing, right??!



Super Woman said...

and once again .....*sigh*

he was throwing fake money ...

That is all

Just Jasmine said...

The people who were picking it up were just plain ole stupid...

Sorry about that fake ten and hungry story. That's how people get by. They slip you teh fake 1,5 and 10 bills because most people aren't checking for them.

Mack Momma said...

what posesses someone to look at a $10 bill. I would have demanded the food.

Booga said...

Slightly off topic, but Mayweather is one of my few "celeb" crushes. The man is beautiful.
Makin' it rain with some damn counterfeit money? Shameful! I don't know why, he has plenty of the real stuff, so either he's just stingy but wants to look generous, or had no idea.
About your imitation dinero- wow, that sucks... starved AND out $10, I woulda been pisseddddd