November 25, 2008

Dearest Hip Hop,

Dearest Hip Hop,

I'm sure you weren't aware, but last night, Atlanta's hip hop station HOT 107.9 held their 3rd annual Dirty Awards, where artists from the south are recognized and a few even performed.
Me, personally, didn't care to go because I had heard Soulja Boy & Shawty Lo were performing and they're just not my "cup of tea" put mildly.

But anyway, I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was...
a FIGHT broke out DURING Yung LA's single "Ain't I" [which features Young Dro & TI] performance.

Maybe I shouldn't of laughed, but Dude in the orange straight DEEBO'd ["Get knocked out like your Daddy use to"]...But, the show must go on! ROFLMAO&SMH..craziness.

Dirty Awards 2008 Battle Between T.I. and Shawty Lo from Gyant on Vimeo.

I think it's a damn shame when people act like this & F**k up everyone else's good time.

This reminds me of my 1st concert & how negros messed it up for me...[yes, negros].

It was January 1999, I believe I was in the 10th grade. My birthday was around the corner and my mother decided to get me A TICKET [yes, only ONE] to the Ruff Ryder/Cash Money Concert at the Oakland Arena in Oakland, CA.

[Remember this is when Cash Money was the HOT BOYZ & RUFF RYDERS had EVE & DMX and all that good stuff.]

So, luckily for me, a few of my homegirls also got tickets to the concert, so we all rode together. I remember after arriving to crowded venue, we had to seperate to get to our seats. They went up...towards the balcony & I went down...towards the floor & stage.

I don't remember who was performing when we arrived, but I do remember getting to my seat and getting to enjoy, then, Ms. Ruff Ryder herself, E-V-E.
After performing singles from her debut CD, which I LOVED, there was a ten minute intermission.

After about 3 minutes into the intermission, I heard a lot of yelling behind me so I turn around to see a group of people on the floor fighting a group of people in the 1st level seats.

During the chaos, A.J. Johnson [remember he was Ezal in the movie Friday], came out on stage telling a few jokes to try to calm the crowd down.
That sh*t did not happen.

People got rowdier & the next thing I know People were running everywhere, Screaming.
I'm completely LOST & confused.
Next thing I know, someone grabs me over a railing and pulls me backstage. Who? I have no clue. Within a few seconds, panic take place, but then I notice some girl that goes to my school. [still dont remember her name]..LoL.

We say hi and decided to team up to find our homies.
Luckily, everyone was already at the vehicle, safe, by the time I had arrived.

But because of Dumb Sh*t I never got to see all the Ruff Ryders or the Hot Boyz or any of the other performers.

But when I got home, the news had reported the following;

Oakland concert ends in riot

Juvenile and the Hot Boys never took the stage for the 12,000 hip-hop fans in attendance Friday night at the Oakland Coliseum Arena. Instead, the show was cancelled when fights broke out that left 17 people injured, three highway exits closed and more than 170 police officers called to the scene. Several fights broke out around 9 p.m., shortly after opening acts Eve and Ginuwine completed their sets. Comedian A.J. Johnson had taken the stage in an effort to calm the crowd, but he and the arena security lost control as several separate fights broke out, eventually resulting in a mad scramble to the exits. Many of those fleeing returned after hearing at least four shots fired outside. One eyewitness told The 411 Online he saw a man fall "from the nosebleeds all the way down to the lower section." The eyewitness also saw one fan get hit by a folding chair, another get attacked by at least five other fans and one stabbing. "Someone pulled out some scissors and stabbed someone, that's when I and everyone else bolted out of there and just ran, jumping over chairs just trying to get away," the eyewitness said, echoing similar reports in area newspapers. Damage was estimated at $2,000 to $5,000 and included sinks in some restrooms, a broken metal detector and a broken door, according to the San Francisco Examiner. There's no telling what kind of effect this might have on the upcoming Cash Money-Ruff Ryder tour, which originally was scheduled to start Feb. 9, but was pushed back to Feb. 24 last week.


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That is exactly why my mother wouldn't let me go to that concert when they were in NJ.

That is just crazy

But those were the days

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