November 23, 2008

Dearest TI,

Dearest TI,

SOOooO, of course my delayed ass would watch Chelsea Lately and miss your segment,
[DAMN!] But thanks to YouTube I was able to laugh my ass off days/weeks later.

She's hiliarious and its good to see you laughing at her crazy ass jokes. I was laughing/smiling the whole seven minutes.

I also gotta give Chelsea a damn high five for grabbing your ass during the introduction hug.


PS: Stop acting like you aint "Boo'd Up". Tiny is your wifey-let the damn world know.


Just Jasmine said...

yeah that situation ish had me a little tight but Chelsea Lately is Extra hilarious

Ness said...

Tht clip was hilarious! I absolutely love Chelsea, she's so damn funny! But I luv how he said he has a 'situation' b/c I have a 'situation' so I can appreciate the meaning behind it lol.

Damn, I would love to be a part of another situation involving

Props to Chelsea for grabbing his ass! lol....he probably had her taking shots of the patron in the green room lol

Teems said...

I clearly dont watch chelsea enough. This shit was funny!