March 23, 2009

Dearest Casey Boys,

Dearest Casey Boys,

I was on my way to the grocery store,
to get ingredients for my delicious hot wings,
when I turned to V-103 & heard "The Twins" from my favorite R&B group,
JAGGED EDGE, were going to become a duo called CASEY BOYS.

&, like every other group member[s] who decide to venture off,
you said Jagged Edge will get into the studio & have another album...
[HmmMMmm, Im sure.]
[For the record:JE HEARTBREAK was my SH*T!!!]

Anywho, I know yall wrote a lot of the songs & really were the group...
So Im a little excited about this.
Good Luck.

PS: I remember when I 1st heard the song below...I fell in love w/ JE.

1 comment:

Ziggy Za. said...

They're a little old to call themselves the Casey Boys, so we'll see how tht goes.