March 24, 2009

Dearest Chelsea,

Dearest Chelsea,

CONGRATULATIONS on your success as executive producer/host
of the funniest late night show on TV, CHELSEA LATELY!

It feels good to know that every night -[for the next 3 years]-
I can get a good night's rest after laughing at your goofy ass.

My favorite interview has to be the 1st one you did w/ TI.

"With his number 1 single, "Whatever you like",
My next guest almost convinced me to switch from Grey Goose to Patron on ice

I dont think I ever laughed so hard.

PS: The show is on nightly 11pm on E!


just jaleesa. said...

i love chelsea. i got my mom grandma and my aunts watching that show. the best part of it is the round table segment hands down.

.rawkii said...

Oh my. Haha. This was hilarious!