March 24, 2009

Dearest Ciara,

Dearest Ciara,

SoooOOoo, I was blog browsing and came across this picture on YBF:

I don't know if this is a coincidence or if you're "swagger jacking",
bbbbuuuutttt, truthfully, I don't think it matters b/c you don't
have SH*T on my girl, Beyonce.

For Example:

PS: Im not saying you or're just,
"not my cup of tea"


garage.glamour. said...

oooh. def swaggerjocking. i didnt even realize all these coinwinkydinks. hm. its a thinker fer sure.

A Day In The Life of {[TASH]} said...

i was thinkin the SAMEEE thing when i saw her video . Whatever makes her happy tho .Although some of it looks a lil better when Ciara did it in my opinion. I like Ciara pics when shes posing better than B .,maybe because of the flexibility .. I think Keri Hilson had very dope shades in her Scream video (not sure , dont quote me ) maybe that part is swaggajackin ..who knows?

just jaleesa. said...

everybody copies everybody.

amerie's 1 thing = beyonce's green light.

Anonymous said...

smh @ ciara
i dont really like her new video with justin either
i dont think having your legs open the entire time is clasy lmfao

Maymaye said...

ay, i love ci-ci but i love bey waaaaaaay more and ciara is mos def swagger jackin... i dont think this was just a coincidence...

Mary Gold said...

Well, i like Ciara and Im gonna have to come to her defense here.
If i were a boy jacked Like a boy by CC. Beyonce swagger jacked that J.Lo dress (like ten years later), the whole single ladies video is jacked from an ol school video, not to mention that beyonce has been living in those damn body suits (which by the way Rihanna trendset) thru out the I am... project. The whole I am project is all ideas from other people. That leather bodysuit with the flame and mirror attached to it.. ah man I can go on forever. LoL. I better go now b4 i get cussed! =)