March 17, 2009

Dearest Young Dro,

Dearest Young Dro,

LoL...1st, I must say, this video is quite funny.
But I must admit, my jaw dropped when I saw the bottle hit you on the side of your head the way it did.
But your reaction...Classic!! I was RollinOnTheFloorLaffinMyAssOff
It was nice to see the "big boy" move as fast as he did to try and apprehend a suspect.
If only he had moved that damn fast to satisfy your request for that damn "TOOL".
"Pull my muthafu*kin tool out, Shawty".

I must say thou, whoever threw the water a damn "G". HA!

PS: This video make me giggle as well, but I have a question...WTF is a HOOKAH & why is Duval puffin it?

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Reggie Magz said...

Ha, man that's fucked up. That's cool they can joke about it later though. Funny shit tho. Straight up, whoever through that was a G no doubt. lol