March 30, 2009

Dearest Cleveland Brown *UPDATED*,

Dearest Cleveland Brown *UPDATED*,

I can't wait till this sh*t hits tvs this Fall.
As a frequent watcher of the funniest cartoon on TV [Family Guy-of course],
you are one of my favorite characters--besides Stewie--
& Im so excited that the FOX network chose to give you your own show!!!

"Many years ago, Cleveland was a high school student madly in love with a beautiful girl named DONNA.
Much to his dismay, his love went unrequited, and Donna wound up marrying another man.
Cleveland once told Donna he would always love her, and if this man ever done her wrong, he'd be there when she called.
Well, this man done her wrong.
Donna's husband ran off, leaving Donna with a daughter and a baby.
Now she's come to Cleveland and offered him another chance at love.
Unattached after the Loretta-Quagmire debacle and true to his word,
Cleveland joyously accepts and he and CLEVELAND JR. move to Virginia to join their new family."

I loved the intro above.
My favorite scene was you getting your hair braided by Peter. HA!
Question. Why are you both naked?

Oh yea, I am truly loving the fact that Sanna Lathan [Love&Basketball]
& Regan Gomez [WhateverYouLike Video] will be voicing main characters.
I can't wait until after the premiere episode, either.
Because Kanye West will be guest voicing a not-so-famous rapper, "Kenny West"
& Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson will be voicing "Chanel", a high school hottie.

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Ziggy Za. said...

I wish they'd just start the damn show already! ;o(