August 04, 2009

Dearest Shyne,

Dearest Shyne,

October Sixth Two Thousand & Nine!

That's the day we all need to circle [w/ a red sharpie] on our calenders
b/c Shyne [aka Jamal Burrow] - Now, Moses Michael Leviy - will be a free man.
Quick question...obviously, I'm late on this,
but when the hell did you change your name & convert to Judaism?
[According to].

Now, I'm a little skeptical of whether you will continue your career as
a rapper...[damn, actually, im a little sad about this].
I LOVED your 1st CD...One of my favorites were "Bonnie & Clyde"..


Tresey B. said...

Ahh, I was wondering if he was EVER gonna get out. The day before my 18th cakeday huh? I didn't know he changed his name either, lolz. Is Mystikal still locked up too?

Zay The Gr3at said...

aw man i hope he keeps rappin