August 18, 2009

Dearest R. Kelly,

Dearest R. Kelly,

"You are now rocking with the BestBestBestBest..."

I LOVE this joint.
Keri Hilson sounds nice on this joint too.
I dont understand why so many people hate on homegirl...she's bbbbaaaddd!

Anyway, I have been an R. Kelly fan since the '12 Play' album,
[I must say when all that drama w/ the teeny bopper popped off,i couldnt listen to you for a minute.]
But you returned w/ "Ignition" & there I was - a lover of your music again.

I swear you are the only 'R&B Thug' that can do this music sh*t so lovely
& I'm happy you've returned.
[Album "Untitled" in stores Oct 13th && you'll be on the "Ladies Make Some Noise" tour starting Oct. 8th...Oct. 22nd in ATL]

& of course, I had to take trip down memory lane & throw in a classic.

PS: I have to tell you "Superman High"...[smh]...WACK! Please don't perform that sh*t at the "Ladies Make Some Noise" tour. Thx.

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Tresey B. said...

Ha! I really didn't care too much for him either after that..lolz @ "r&b thug". Welllll, glad he redeemed himself..I wasn't feeling "I'ma Flirt" too much..