August 07, 2009

Dearest Whitney Houston,

Dearest Whitney Houston,


I have loved you, your music & your voice since I was a toddler [im now 26 -shhh-].
I have always thought your voice was a gift from God
& If there was anybody I wish I could sing like [if I could hold a note] would be
Ms. Whitney Houston.

I was blog browsing & came across the full link of "Million Dollar Bill" on

"If he make you feel like a million dollar bill say..."

I REALLY REALLY like this song.
When I found out Alicia Keys wrote the song over a Swizz Beatz Beat...
I took an extra listen & I must're back Miss Thang.

&& in the Love Note tradition...
Its only right we take a look at a few CLASSICs.

PS: I actually have gotten the chance to meet you.
I remember I was bartending & I was standing on the patio w/ a few of
my co-workers & I saw you & Bobby Brown walking into the doors.
I started to freak out like, "Oh my God, its Whitney Houston!! Oh my god!!"

1st, Bobby walked into the door singing as he came down the aisle
& right behind him came you.
I was SSOOOOOO excited/nervous!
I wanted to just scream out "I LOVE YOU/YOUR MUSIC/YOUR VOICE" & jump over the bar to give you a hug,
BUT, I remembered where I was & composed myself.
I also remember you & Bobby telling me I had very pretty
Yall were so cool & sweet to me...& despite the Hater Sh*t-
I will always love you.

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Tresey B. said...

Well, I'll be damned. I was curious as to when she was gonna make the comeback that so many were anticipating. Kiki LOVES her as well, Ima have to tell her to chk this out.