August 21, 2009

Dearest Jay-Z,

Dearest Jay-Z,

This is my favorite song right now. PERIOD.

I just love it & the video makes me like it even more...
Im a huge fan of all three artists on this song, especially Mr. West.
Everything that he is on right now, is actually my favorite song too. ;)
Something about his flow & the sh*t he spit [SMH] he just go so hard.

But this isnt a love note to Kanye, its to "Jigga My Nigga".
I have lovedlovedloved you since day two...
[Not day one b/c I wasnt up on Reasonable Doubt when it 1st dropped like everyone else], but Ive always remained a lover
of your music all these years, b/c simply put--
You're one of THEE best.

I have been blessed enough to see you perform twice at Phillips Arena,
both time floor seats, & I SWEAR we made eye contact one time [I wont tell Bey]...ha!

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Tresey B. said...

Ahhh! yeah, they both be bustin on this track..& Rihanna was perfect for the hook..she's edgy & kick ass enough. I like how the video was directed & the whole concept..they all came @ ya hard w/that 'i-dnt-giva-an-eff' steez which is especially perfect 4 Kanye b/c he's already cocky!