December 11, 2008

Dearest Ignorant Ass White Lady,

Dearest Ignorant Ass White Lady,

Did the guy piss you off? Did he hurt your feelings?
Because now, I want to beat the sh*t out of you.
I can't really explain why...well, yea I can.

I want to beat your ass for everytime you ever SAID, THOUGHT &/or LAUGHED at the word NIGGER.
I want to beat your ass for being so damn ignorant & stupid.
I want to beat your ass because the dudes in the street didn't.
I want to beat your ass for everytime a white person looked at me crazy because of my gorgeous ass brown skintone & thought they were better than me. [FYI: You're not-in ANY way].

Besides the many other reasons I could list, I REALLY DO want to beat your ass.

Truthfully, I'm not upset about the ignorant sh*t you said.
I am just upset because so many of YOU PEOPLE are still alive still passing on that ignorant mentality.
Die already.
Its damn near TWO-THOUSAND & NINE.

PS: Is it true you were recruiting for Obama? ::Smh::


Anonymous said...


*takes off wig*

I'm mad as hell watching this, girl!!!!

I wanna go get her!!!:)

LipstickOne said...


i wanna beat that bitch's ass!

plainjane. said...

SMH, no comment

brook lynne carter. said...

i agree with this video 100%.(what the black gentlemen were saying) people are closeted racist, this election brought so many of them out of the closet. its sad AND reality.

Ran said...

WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! That's all I can say!!!

Harmony said...

wow.just wow

that is how they see black people
my family probli has more money then that bitch and her white trash ass. she could barely talk
&&all those white kids at my school were closet rasist
and as soon as obama became president
they all had shit to say.
talking bout they moving out the country
they didnt even have a reason why they didnt like obama
so sad.
very good video to post i must say lol