December 10, 2008

Dearest R&B Singers,

Dearest R&B Singers,

Sometimes I wonder about ya'll.
I think if you can sing [I mean REALLY sing],then you are truly blessed with a gift, because its rare as hell to find someone who can even harmonize now-a-days, but to take advantage of this gift and sing about some damn chicken nuggets bewilders the hell out of me.

LMAO...I think its hiliarious thou'.
If you haven't seen the below McDonald's commerical...check it out!

Lmao@the "Are you Dippin On Me" line...classic

PS: That commerical reminded me of this commerical!!

Makes you smile, huh?!
I don't even like Coke, but that voice..smh...I'll chug a whole can!

PPS: Doesn't Tyrese look hella Good Ol' Days.


Just Jasmine said...

you're right. i never liked coke, but i thought twice about getting that bottle thinking about Tyrese on the Bus.
I love him in those days

akoop_ said...

yo, i thought I was the only one who felt like that about the Mcdonalds commercial. stupid, but but mad funny though.

ariele said...

thats too much. are u dippin on me haha

tyrese was hella excited about some coke. smiling extra hard [=