December 28, 2008

Dearest Jay-Z,

Dearest Jay-Z,

I dont know.
Did you reeaalllyy Go Hard on this joint?
I'm just saying...
I'm listening to the joint right now & I, personally, dont think you went that hard.
Wellll, not like I know you could have & especially not like that nigga Kanye did.
[peep my Dearest Kanye love note please].

Anyway, I did like the "Still tryna hold onto my religion so/I put a few diamonds in the crosses" & "Even if I overdose on drugs/muthafu*ka's can't kill my buzz" lines.

PS: Click the Go Hard link to hear the song.


Anonymous said...

I feel you...It's a little *rolls eyes*

Not impressive like normally....:(

JOFre$h said...

hes been playing around lately

Anonymous said...

jay z is too commercial for his own good. shame on it all.

Seattle Slim said...

@JuiicyKisz: I know that's right...everything he raps about right now is just bogus....I don't like the song personally.

A. Red said...

Kanye KILLT this song. He went hard indeed. Jay Z needs to go sit in someone's chair and get his hair cut. HATED IT.