December 30, 2008

Dearest Lil Wayne,

Dearest Lil Wayne,

This is Classic!
I have looked at this video at least 8 times now & a few questions started running through my head after I giggled my ass off.

Q1: Why the hell were you running so fast for...on stage?
Q2: What kinda shoes did you have on? Them wack ass Yums?[ em]
Q3: Were you scared when you didn't stop?

This sh*t is just too damn funny Hiliarious!

PS: I gotta give it 2 you on your recovery thou...LoL!


A. Red said...

I say goddamitttttttttttttt! *dies* Was that nigga on Heely's? I would have been ROFL if I was in the crowd.

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Andrina said...


ill;kinda said...

haha , damn his ass was hurt . He knows it , thats why it took him a second to bounce back . but he did bounce back fast . lol

Lil Wayne was probably high off of his ass . heely's? lol

Sassy said...

that was joke. Ima gonna need him to get his life together.