January 12, 2009

Dearest Broke Ass,

Dearest Broke Ass,

I have been debating whether or not I wanted to write this lil love note, but after surfing through YouTube, I found this video & decided to address it because Im SURE so many other people feel exactly like you do.

I dont know where on Earth they do this at, but tipping is not new sh*t.
Everyone should be aware that when you take your ass out to eat, drink and have a jolly good time, that you need to know your budget.
Its ridiculous that SOOO Many people act and have the same mentality as the young lady in the video. Who taught you that?

Let me explain something as easy as I can.
In GA servers/bartenders make TWO DOLLARS & THIRTEEN CENTS AN HOUR [2.13].
Unlike many, a pay check is never seen. That 2.13 x # of hours = goes to taxes.
The pay stub is given & shows where the gov't splits the money up and the gross ytd.
Rent, Bills, Food, etc. is provided by all money that patrons leave after they ingest a few drinks & food [& YES, that is after having to give the busser, bartender & possibly host a percentage of what you make that shift].

No one expects for you to pay "Comcast" for them...& please believe we're so happy you paid your bill in full...but its essential that you pay for services rendered.
If you had pleasant service, food, drinks...you must come out the pocket.

I know you "felt like Steak today", but if you can't afford it...maybe you should go to Steak N Shake [or get it to-go] instead. Its ridiculous to know that FIVE grown women spent $164 on food/drinks and couldnt even leave the server AT LEAST 15-20% of your bill [thats only 5-6 dollars a piece] but instead...ONE DOLLAR & SIXTY CENTS A PIECE!!!!
[I cant even get gum for $1.60 in '09].

I shouldnt stereotype, but I can probably guess you ran the server like a damn slave, complained about everything, wanted something for free and/or had a nasty attitude. [if im wrong, i apologize...probably not thou']
Thats probably why he felt you "stiffed" him on $164.

If you do not know the etiquette of tipping, holla at me and I will be glad to educate you on what one should leave when dining out.

PS: [Q] Why be a Server? [A] EASIEST MONEY...w/out having to get nude.
How hard is it to take a order, drop it off & smile..working 1/2 the hours & doing less work than you do at your place of employment.


iM.R0Ni said...

im two sidded on this one. i mean i dont feel as strongly as she does. i do tip everytime i go out. but for him to follow her outside like tht is rude. like wtf?

tipping...should i really have to tip you for doing your job??? i should pay you extra money to do the same thing ur employer pays u to do??? kinda diff for me since im from cali and minimum wage is $8.25 [ 2.13 is fckn ridiculous !]

everyone knows its nice and considerate thing to do but ur really not going out to eat to get waited on...ur goin for the food. some things u cnt get at a drive thru resturant verses a sit dwn one. same reason why the prices on the dinners and drinks are more b.cuz it is a resturant. correct me if im wrong.

Andrina said...

Roni, apparently its hard to understand, unless youve done it before.
I want to explain it but it will just look like a lot of damn font & you might not read it anyway.
But to address some of the main points...I shall.

1st, the doing my job comment always irks the hell out of me.
What exactly does my job entail & if I "do" it properly, shouldnt I be paid accordingly?
My Job: I take your order, ring it into the computer, bring you drinks [keep em refilled], bring out your food, make sure its delicious, offer dessert & drop the check [might even offer some enlighting conversation].
Thats all I do. Period. Nothing difficult or hard about it.

BUT, if all that is done within proper time limits & with quality service, I EXPECT payment & a TIP.
My employer doesnt give me a anything, but a few tables to make my money at...get it? Probably not.

& 2.13 is NOT mini.wage in GA, [i think its 7&somechange]...its the wage servers/bartenders make based on the idea that people will "tip" their server for their services rendered.

Its hella different than going to Starbucks & tipping them b/c their employer PAY THEM & Tipping is optional in that case. But if you come to a restaurant, sit at a table in my section & I serve you your food, I expect a tip.
If you wanted just the "good food" get it to-go.

PS: I dont have sh*t to do w/ prices on menus. That goes to THE MAN. I am paid based on how much you & your homies spend.
Its just showing you are gracious for their service, especially if its pretty decent.

I RARELY get good service b/c ppl automatically look @ me and see a young black girl [who might have a rude 'tude, complain & expect something for free...b/c thats what we're known for believe it or not] who "wont tip", but I ALWAYS pay someone for their service.
Just what your suppose to do...
[thx for the comment thou] ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I've been lurking for a while....just wanted to put in my 2 cents on this one...

I personally think you should always tip (if my service was piss poor terrible, then no, you will probably not get as much, but you will get something) In Chicago, servers/bartenders get about 2.30 which is still NOTHING. They LIVE off of their tips. You are paying for a service, what you order is an entirely different thing. So, if you feel like steak, then you need to make sure you have enough money for that steak, your drink, and a TIP! It's common courtesy.

Not to mention, that job isn't easy at all.

iM.R0Ni said...

ok jus read ur comment. lol its funny this whole time since i been subcribe to ur blog i nevr knew a female was behind the writing !! lmao. but it was good reading so i guess i didnt really care who was writtin it but extra kudos for u !

anywhoo. back to the main point.

k i see ur point about the "doin ur job" comment irking u but like u said wen u applied for the job u kno what ur being hired to do for the customer.
but before i wrote my first comment i had NO IDEA tht waiters got paid so low and they depended on the tips. like idk if im the only one who was outta the loop on tht piece of info or wat. [really i dnt think it common knowledge to the public cuz now theres ppl out there like me tht thinks ur gettin paid the same like every other mini. wage job]....but now i get the deal about tips.
ok so lemme get this rite. "waiting" is like "stripping" the club hires you but ur like wrkin off commission which is "tips"??

[im not sayn ur job is like strippin i jus needed an anology and tht was the first thing to pop into my head lol]

Anonymous said...

1. Jack was wrong for coming out and confronting them like that about a tip.
2. Leaving a TIP is NOT required!
3. They paid their bill and did at least leave a TIP.
4. I would have asked for those $8 back and left it at that.
5. And TIPS is only 10% of your bill.

And with jobs like that, your not guaranteed a tip. You knew what you were getting into before you signed that W2 form. That's just life. We don't care about you having to pay all these bills you brought on yourself just to work for tips to pay for them. Leave your personal life at home, don't bring it to work!

Andrina said...

1st,R0ni, LoL...yes, ima chick.
Thank you for your response & reply...i just want people to understand b/c like you said, its not too understood.

2nd, to Anonymous...you sound ignorant as hell.
Dont try and explain sh*t you dont know/understand.
Im not talking about sh*t i dont know...I DO THIS!

Now, when YOU sit at MY table, you are asking for MY SERVICES, right?
You are expecting ME to bring you drinks, food, napkins, salt, pepper, fu*kin ketchup etc...am I wrong? No. SO, if I do all that for you, what makes you think im doing it for free? Out of the kindness of my damn heart? NEVER!

Anyway, 10% of your bill is not a damn tip.
If you cant leave AT LEAST 15%-20% then you need every last one of your pennies more than I do.

I dont know where you read wtf you listed, but next time you go out to eat. Ask a server...stand by to see their reaction to your sorry ass 10% tip & see if im wrong.

Oh yea, NEVER have I expected any of my guests to pay ANY OF MY BILLS. Just pay for your food & MY SERVICES!!!!

PS: kiss my ass too, anonymous...