January 07, 2009

Dearest Notorious B.I.G.,

Dearest Notorious B.I.G.,

You are 1 of my top 3 favorite rappers of all time.
Ever since I was a teenie bopper, I have been listening & rapping along with you.

Anyway, today, I was flipping through the channels and came across 106 & Park & the cast from the upcoming movie, NOTORIOUS, was on set.
I must admit, I have not been too eager to see the movie.
[Im a lil ashamed to say that b/c of how big of a fan I am]
But after watching the clip they showed [since I have been avoiding all other trailers], I decided it might be something I should go spend $10 to see after all.
[Yes, that is how much it cost to see a damn movie, after 5 in GA...pisses me off].

Buttt, the real reason for my letter was because 106&Park's Flashback joint was "Sky's The Limit" where kids portrayed you, Puff & even Lil Kim [haha].
I hadn't seen this video for years! It brought back such memories & it makes me feel so damn old...geez.

PS: I was cracking up at the little hoes that were dancing poolside...hiliarious!

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Taj said...

I wasn`t amped to see the movie at first, either. When you revere somebody`s work, you don`think anyone can come close to an accurate portrayal of them; but I`m willing to give it a chance.. AFTER hearing some reviews. ^_^

Nice blog. I`m adding you to the blogroll @
[return the favor?]