January 21, 2009

Dearest Jay-Z,

Dearest Jay-Z,

LMAO...this sh*t was so funny to me.
I saw it on TV then had to hop on my PC to make sure that what I heard was real.
"...when the Performer, that is Beyonce..."
SMH...my stomach hurt, I was laughing so hard at your ass.
You looked nervous before dude even asked you the question [LoL], then to see you damn near break into a sweat & start to st-st-studder like was Hiliarious!
Why are you trying so hard not to refer to BEYONCE as your wife, your boo, your homieloverfriend?
We all already know...dang.

PS: FastForward to 1:25 to get to the excitement.


Ziggy Za. said...

LMAO. The poor, poor man.
What the hell is that all about?

.rawkii said...

What?! Haha...wow.

Eb the Celeb said...

I'm so over there whole situation... OK before you tied the not it was understandable to be secretly but now ya'll are just weird... everybody knows.. the secret is out... I dont get it... like they have been keeping it a secret so long that they dont even believe it to be true...just dumb.