January 06, 2009

Dearest Sharon Osbourne,

Dearest Sharon Osbourne,

As a loyal watcher of damn near every reality show on TV, I have seen so many of these reunion shows go bad...[Remember when Mo'nique chomped one of Flavor Flav's hoes off?]...But I must stand up and applaud you on putting that little bird in her place.
I love the "cough" and how you reached for your drink before you drowned the little heifer.
[excuse me for calling the hoe so many names, I just seriously think the mud duck has no soul...[if you watch the show, then you know what I'm talking about.]]

LoL...I did giggle a little when you told that bean pole that she should be neutered like that ugly ass chihuaua she carries around [attached to her nipple] all the damn time. [LoL@me].

:Clapping: Classic!


Gia Shakur said...

I liked Charm School with Monique beter but that lady's accent is pretty reminds me of my old fam

.schrody. said...

She did put tht broad back into place, she was to hype.

A. Red said...

I was super geeked when she did this! Sharon is my type of person; all action no talk. Meagan has been disrespectful for a very long time...I'm just happy she drank on that liquid courage and acted a fool. Whatever she was high/drunk on is the reason she got her ass whipped.

Honey said...

lmao..thats was soo funny I was dyin...it wasn't even a surprise when Meagan came to the reunion with one of those little bikinis she always wears..she has no class...I wit you on applauding Sharon