November 30, 2009

Dearest Fantasia,

Dearest Fantasia,

Go On Girl!

You SANG your ass off last night at the Soul Train Music Awards.
I always seem to forget how strong & powerful a voice you have.

I remember after you first won American Idol my homegirl & I were in Lenox Square Mall [ATL] & we heard you would be making an appearance in Macy's.
We figured no one would be there so we made our way towards the back of the department store.
We were wrong. There were SO MANY PEOPLE!
I remember when you came out & everyone went CRAZY!!!
You sung one song, tried to sign autographs & take pics, but the officials were rushing you off stage.'

I have to say, youre 1st CD...classic. Speaking of which...One of my favs., "Free Yourself".

PS: More Music. Please.

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Tresey B. ;-) said...

Man, I didn't even catch her performance last night. I turned the channel to watch Family Guy b/c I was getting bored, loL. But yeah, Fantasia can blow though..she's hella energetic onstage too..great stage presence.