November 11, 2009

Dearest Omarion,

Dearest Omarion,

"I be so L.A., got my Chucks & my Locs on...

...I get it in..."

SoOo, let me start off by saying someone's ass got SERVED!
You killed the choreography in this video.
You and the other 4 dudes need to just go ahead & take your asses to MTVs America's Best Dance Crew.

I like this joint. It will be uploaded to the ipod as soon as I get a link.
I almost didn't listen to this song b/c of one reason. I'm not a Gucci fan.
But, from what I read, Wayne killed another version.
[I'm not too much of a fan of his either...but whatev...].

& Now, in classic Love Note fashion, I have to toss in a throwback.
One of my ALL time favorite Omarion joints, "O". Now that I think back, I remember teaching myself this choreography.


E Dot DizZy said...

The version with wayne go haard. I had to download it as soon as I heard it. I hope he come out crashing this time. This video tough too!

TreseyB said...

He's right, the version w/ Lil Wayne does go waayy harder. Too bad O got dropped or w/e happened. Anywho, I dig this song. Im glad he's back.